App – Quick guide for subcontractors

1. Start screen

Once you’ve logged in with your username and password, you will see an overview of all the projects, in which you are a member of.

For subcontractors, the functionality is limited.

You can only view or slightly edit the tickets assigned to you.


2. The plan view

In the plan view, you can see the location of the tickets assigned to you on the digital plan.
Click on the pin to see the ticket details.

For better illustration and overview, the tickets are categorized according to their status.


3. The list view

In the list view, you scroll through the tickets of the respective project.
As a subcontractor you will only see the tickets you have been assigned.
To access the ticket details, click on the headline of the ticket.


4. Ticket details

Here you can see all the information about the ticket you have been assigned.
As a subcontractor, you can specify the progress and status.
The camera icon (bottom right) also allows you to add photos and videos to the ticket.


5. Add photos

Your photos can also be annotated in the simplest way.
Edit your photos directly by adding text, stickers or draw markings by hand.


6. Add Videos

You can record or add pre-recorded videos that are 30 seconds or less to a ticket. You will have the option to trim a video down to the correct length before uploading it to a ticket.



Under the „Journal“ tab you will see the communication history in chronological order.
You can also add comments yourself.


8. Project Reports

To create a Project Report through the PlanRadar app, select the project you would like to create a Project Report for and then select the tab ‘Project Reports’.


Once you have selected Project Reports, you can click on the green plus in the bottom right corner to start creating a new Project Report. You will first be prompted to select which template you would like to use. Once you have selected the template you would like to use, click on ‘Next’ and here you will be able to name your Project Report.

Once you have named your report, click on ‘Create Draft’ and this will open up your Project Report which you can then start filling out. Some fields may have pre-populated project information or will prompt you to select from a pre-populated drop-down menu. Some fields may be open text fields which you can type in.


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