Overview – Profile

To get to the profile view, click on the cogwheel symbol on the navigation bar and select “Profile” (see SETTINGS). Here you can change or set the following: profile data, password, notifications, language, time zone, newsletters and mobile available projects.

  1. Profile data
  2. Change password
  3. Help & Support
  4. Notifications
  5. Personal settings
  6. Mobile available projects
  7. Change E-mail


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Define for which notifications you want to receive emails.

E-mail notifications

For this, you have the following options via the drop-down menu about which tickets you want to be notified by e-mail:

  • For any event on all my projects“
  • Only for tickets that are assigned to me“
  • No events“


How should notifications be sent?

For this, you have the following options via the drop-down menu how notifications should be sent to you:

  • Once a day (aggregated)“
  • Immediately (for every ticket)“


When should notifications be sent?

For this purpose, you have the option of which hour (00:00 to 24:00) you would like to receive the notifications via the drop-down menu.


Enable notification sounds

To do this, use the checkbox to select whether a sound is to be played back after certain processes (for example: when the export process of a report has been completed).


I don’t want to be notified of changes that I make myself.

To do this check the box if you do not want to be notified of any changes you make yourself.


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Personal settings

Change language: Via the drop-down menu you can choose between 11 different languages.

Time zone (for notifications): Use the drop-down menu to select your time zone for notifications.

Monthly newsletter: Via the checkbox “Subscribe” you choose if you want to subscribe to the newsletter.

Mobile available projects: With the checkboxes you can choose which projects should be available for you on mobile as well.


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Change E-mail and Password

Change E-mail

Change Password

In the account-view, manuals and FAQs are available. If you have any further questions, suggestions for improvement or comments, please contact: [email protected]. Alternatively, click on “Support” in the web platform and send us your request.


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