This feature is outdated. We encourage you to use the new Document Management feature.

Access & permissions

If your PlanRadar account was created before the release of the new Document Management feature, you could upload documents under Tickets > Documents view. This has moved to Documents > Documents by layers.

Since this feature is outdated, we encourage you to use the new Document Management feature and move all your files from Documents by layers into All files to access additional functionality. Please note, All Files is only available to Pro and Enterprise customers, with accounts activated from February 2022.

Only in-house users have access to Documents by layers. Read more about permissions below.

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Using Documents by layers

With the release of Documents Management, the Documents view under Tickets:

has been replaced with Documents by layers accessible via the main navigation under Documents:

Documents attached to a project

All documents you have previously uploaded to a project appear in the root folder of Documents by layers.

Documents attached to layers

For each layer of your project a folder is shown. Those folders contain the documents that you have previously attached to layers.

Documents attached to tickets

You can still access documents that are currently attached to tickets. Switch into a folder that represents a layer with such tickets and click the checkbox Show ticket documents to show all documents attached to tickets.

Documents attached to tickets are read-only. You can only edit them directly in the tickets.

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File operations and limitations

You can upload and download documents and move and delete documents as before. Read more about managing files and folders in Document Management.

Compared to the new Document Management functionality, the following limitations apply:

  • You cannot create custom folders.
  • Only the following document file types are supported: pdf, xls, xlsx, ods, csv, doc, docx, odt, dwg, dxf, eml, msg.
  • Trash is not supported.
  • Document versioning is not supported.
  • Document approvals are not supported.
  • Moving files into All files is a one-way operation. You cannot move files from All files into Documents by layers.
  • The maximum file size is 100 MB.
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As this feature is outdated, Documents by layers is still controlled by a set of role permissions which previously were available under Document Uploads in the roles dialog. The section is now called Ticket Documents / Documents by layers and it provides permissions for documents attached to tickets and documents managed in Documents by layers:

  • Create with two options:
    • Documents in tickets only.
    • Documents in tickets and in Documents by layers.
  • View with two options:
    • Documents attached to tickets only.
    • Documents attached to tickets and in Documents by layers.
  • Edit: User can modify documents attached to tickets and in Documents by layers.
  • Delete: User can delete documents attached to tickets and in Documents by layers.

Subcontractors have no access to Documents by layers.
Watchers can view documents in Documents by layers, but they cannot edit or add documents.

  1. Click User Management
  2. Click Roles
  3. Click + Create role (or click on an existing role to edit it)
  4. Scroll down to Ticket Documents / Documents by layers
  5. Select the checkboxes Create, View, Edit and/or Delete and available options to grant those permissions.
  6. Click Save

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