Overview – NFC Tags

The PlanRadar application integrates with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and supports NFC tags.

PlanRadar gives you the option to link Tickets to NFC tags. Once linked, the feature allows users to quickly open a specific Ticket by holding their mobile phones next to the NFC tag while using the PlanRadar app.


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Enabling NFC Functionality

To enable NFC functionality on your mobile phone, navigate to your PlanRadar app settings. Here you will be able to toggle on NFC functionality. You might be prompted to allow permission of NFC functionality in your mobile phone settings as well.

Once NFC has been enabled on your device and in PlanRadar’s app settings, you can start linking Tickets to NFC tags.


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Linking a Ticket to an NFC tag

To link a Ticket to an NFC tag, you can either create or open an existing Ticket. You will see the NFC option towards the bottom of your Ticket details. No Ticket data is placed on the NFC tag, only a reference code which can only be interpreted by PlanRadar apps.


Once you have clicked on the NFC button, you will need to hold your device next to an NFC tag so it can successfully link your Ticket to the tag.


Links to NFC tags can be overwritten with new Tickets when desired.


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Reading an NFC Tag

To read an NFC tag on your mobile device, make sure you have the PlanRadar app with the Ticket list open. Hold your device next to an NFC tag and you will be prompted to view the linked Ticket.


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NFC Tag Selection

NFC tags must be purchased separately from a PlanRadar subscription. Customers should take care to purchase the correct NFC tags for their needs and ensure mobile devices used with PlanRadar support NFC technology. NFC Tags must be readable by iOS and Android devices to integrate with PlanRadar on a mobile phone. PlanRadar works with tags that support the NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) and have a minimum memory of 100 bytes.


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