Project Reports

Project Reports let you capture information at a project site into an existing report template, making it easy to replicate checklists, daily logs, inspection reports and more in PlanRadar. Templates can be uploaded into PlanRadar using existing PDF forms and mapped to project information, reducing the need for manual inputs of data.

    1. Create a Project Report
      1. Fill out a Project Report
      2. Save and Submit
      3. Search and Export
    2. Role Permissions for Project Reports
      1. In-House user permissions
      2. Subcontractor permissions




Fill out a Project Report

To start filling out and submitting Project Reports, click on the ‘Project Reports’ button via the navigation menu.


To create a new Project Report, first select the Project you are working on, then click on ‘Create Project Report’.

Next, select the report template you would like to use. Learn how to Create a Project Report template here. Only In-House users can create templates if they have the appropriate permission.

If you are a subcontractor and do not have access to any templates, please ask your project manager to grant you access to your required templates.


Once you have selected a template, you will be able to fill out your Project Report. Some fields may have pre-populated project information or will prompt you to select from a pre-populated drop-down menu. Some fields may be open text fields to type in.


Adding annotations to your Project Reports:

If required, you are able to add annotations directly to your Project Report. Click on the down arrow next to the pen icon to show more annotation options.


Signature: To add a signature, click on the ‘Signature icon’. Clicking this will allow you to create a signature. Once you have created a signature, you can adjust the size and move it to the correct location on your report.

Pen: Clicking the pen icon will allow you to draw directly on your Project Report.

Highlighter: Clicking the Highlighter icon will allow you to highlight sections of your Project Report.

Eraser: Allows you to erase annotations you have added to your Project Report.

Save and Submit Project Reports

Once you have finished filling in your report, you can click ‘Submit report’ to finalize it. Once you submit your report, it cannot be edited. Submitted reports are viewable by all In-House users who have access to them. Please see Project Reports permissions to learn how to grant users access.

Subcontractors can only view their own submitted reports. Once a report is submitted, a subcontractor cannot delete it.

If you would like to, you also have the option to ‘Save draft’. This allows you to come back later and finish working on the report. Only you can see your saved drafts.