Create New Phases & Sub-Phases

To create a new phase or sub-phase, click on the green ‘+ Create Phase’ button.

To create a phase, fill out the following fields:

  1. ‘Title’ – Name your phase. This is the only required field.
  2. ‘Parent Phase’ – This field is optional. This field should be filled out if you want the phase to be a sub-phase. Assign an existing phase as the parent. This will create a hierarchy with your phases. Please note that you can only have 5 levels in your hierarchy.
  3. ‘Start Date’ – Here you can assign a start date for your phase.
  4. ‘Duration’ – Here you can type in the number of weekdays the phase will last for. Alternatively, if you enter the start and end date, the duration will automatically fill with the correct number of days.
  5. ‘End Date’ – Here you can assign the end date to the phase you are creating.
  6. Once you have filled out all relevant fields, click ‘Create’.

Edit existing Phases

You can edit your phase details (title, start date, end date, parent phase) at any time. To edit a phase, click on a phase you wish to edit. After making the required changes, click on ‘Save’ to apply your changes.

Delete Phases

To delete a phase, click on the ‘More Icon’ found to the right-hand side of the phase to open a dropdown list. Click on ‘Delete Phase’.

Import Phases

You can import your project schedule from Microsoft Project, Primavera P6 or Asta Powerproject. The project import will create a hierarchy of phases, if applicable. Please note, importing your project structure will not import Tickets.

To import phases, click on the ‘More icon’ found in the top right corner of the screen and click on ‘Import Schedule’. Select a file and click Upload.

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Add Tickets to schedule

Add a new Ticket to a Phase

To add a new Ticket into a phase, hover over the phase you wish to add a Ticket to and click on the “+” button. Then create a Ticket.

Alternatively, click on the ‘More Icon’ found to the right-hand side of the phase to open a dropdown and choose ‘Add Ticket’.

Add an existing Ticket to a phase

To add existing Tickets into a phase, click on the ‘More Icon’ found to the right-hand side of the phase name to open a dropdown list. Click on ‘Add existing tickets’.

You will then be shown a list of your previously created Tickets. You can search and select individual Tickets or select multiple Tickets at once by using the respective checkboxes.

Display Tickets visually on the schedule

To have your Ticket show visually on your schedule, open an existing Ticket that is assigned to a phase or create a new Ticket within a phase.

At the top of the Ticket, you will see the ‘Schedule’ section. Within the schedule section, click the ‘Edit’ icon. Then enter a start date, duration or end date. Once done, click ‘Save’. The Ticket will appear in the schedule according to the dates set.

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Only In-House users have access to the schedule. To grant users access to the schedule, navigate to User Management, then Roles and grant permissions to the schedule within a role.

Create a new role or open an existing role you wish to edit. You will find the permissions under the ‘Schedule’ section.

You have the option to allow In-House users to view the schedule. Additionally, they can manage the schedule, meaning they can make edits to it.

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