Steps to purchase PlanRadar with credit card/PayPal


Step 1

In the navigation bar, hover over ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Account’.


Step 2

Towards the bottom of the account page you will see the ‘Available plans & Upgrades’. You can switch between monthly and yearly payments depending on your needs.


Step 3

Once you have selected a monthly or yearly payment plan, you can select how many users you want available in your account. Then you can click on the ‘Buy’ button.


*If you want certain features that are not available in the Basic, Starter or Pro plans, you can request an Enterprise offer. This gives you the opportunity to tell us exactly what features you need in your PlanRadar account.


Step 4

After clicking on “Buy” you will be redirected to FastSpring, our payment provider. This is where you can complete your payment.


In the top right corner of this page, you can switch to your preferred language and currency.


Step 5

You can then enter your contact Information, mailing address, and select your preferred payment method. This can be either a credit card or PayPal.


Step 6

Click ‘next’ to continue.


Step 7: Important: Extra step for VAT-registered companies:

At the top right of this page, you can enter in your VAT ID number. Once you have entered your VAT ID, click on ‘Update VAT ID’ and that will remove the VAT from the total.


Step 8

You can now enter in your payment details.
Once you’ve entered your details, you should confirm below that the billing address is the same as your mailing address.


If something is incorrect or your billing and mailing address are different, you can click on ‘Make Changes’ to make any corrections. Once you’re happy with your entered information, accept the terms and conditions and then click on ‘Complete Order’.


Step 9

Enjoy your new PlanRadar subscription and get to work! Those defects won’t fix themselves!


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Current Subscription and Automatic Renewal

Once you have purchased PlanRadar using a credit card or PayPal, your PlanRadar account will automatically renew on the next billing date. You can check when your next billing date will be by navigating to your account page via ‘Settings’ on the navigation bar.


On the account page, you will see the headline ‘Your current subscription’. The information underneath will tell you the name of your current plan, the number of in-house users your account has, the number of plans your account has, the current price and the next billing date for your account.

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Cancelling your PlanRadar Account

If you would like to cancel your PlanRadar subscription, you can do so from your ‘Account’ page which can be accessed through ‘Settings’ on the navigation bar.


Once you have navigated to your Account page, you will see a ‘Terminate’ button. Clicking this will stop the automatic renewal of your account. You will still have access to your account’s features until your current subscription ends.


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Upgrading/downgrading your subscription

At any point, you can upgrade or downgrade your current subscription with PlanRadar. These changes will take effect from the next billing date. To upgrade/downgrade your Planradar account, you must first navigate to your ‘Account’ page which can be accessed through ‘Settings’, which is found on the navigation bar.


Once you have navigated to your Account page, you will see ‘Available Plans & Upgrades’. You will see the current plan you have active in your account and you can either choose a different plan or select more or less users for your account. Once you’ve decided, you can click on the corresponding ‘Change Plan’ button to make those changes.

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View invoices

To view invoices, you can do so from your ‘Account’ page which can be accessed through the ‘Settings’ found on the navigation bar.


Once you have navigated to your account page, towards the very top of the page you will see your account information. Here you will see the ‘Invoices’ button. Clicking on this will open a pop-up that will show you all your past invoices with PlanRadar. You can then download your invoices as PDF files.

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers on PlanRadar payments.


Q: Who processes my online payment to PlanRadar?

A: Online orders are processed in full by our payment processing partner ‘FastSpring’. The invoice is also created on their behalf.


Q: What information will I receive on my invoice?

A:Invoices are created according to the information given when placing your order. We have no influence on the content or the layout of the invoices. If you receive your invoice and there is information missing or something you would like added, we are happy to help with adjustments. You should not try to make these alone. Email any requests to [email protected].


Q: I forgot to enter my VAT ID when processing my payment, what should I do?

A: In this case, you can request that we post-record your VAT ID by contacting [email protected].


Q: How can I update my payment or billing address details?

A: You can update your payment method or billing address details at any time by navigating to your account page. Once there, click on the button ‘Payment Data’. This will redirect you to our payment processing partner ‘FastSpring’. From here, you can click on the button ‘Edit Subscription’ and then you will have the option to update your payment method or update your billing address.


Q: Where can I download my invoices?

A: You can download your invoices from within PlanRadar by navigating to your Account settings. Then click on the ‘Invoices’ button. This will show you all your invoices from PlanRadar and you can download them as PDF files.


Q: How do I receive my invoice?

A: Invoices are sent automatically to the email address that is entered during the payment process. They will be sent by our payment provider, FastSpring.



Q: Can the billing address be different from the Account Owner’s email address?

A: Yes.

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