In this article, you will learn about the following:

  1. Overview
  2. Create and set up users
  3. Invite Users
  4. Import users
  5. Edit users

To manage users, hover over the User Management tab and click on Users via your navigation bar.

1. Overview

Overview Users

  1. Select view: Select if you want to see the already confirmed or only the unconfirmed users listed.
  2. Create user: Click here if you want to create a new user. For more detailed information, see „Create and set up users“.
  3. Invite Users: Click here if you want to invite a new user. For more detailed information, see „Create and set up users“.
  4. Number of In-House users
  5. Search bar
  6. Entries per page
  7. Show Next / Previous page

2. Create and set up users

After clicking on „Create user“ in the „User“ menu, proceed as follows:

  1. User details: Here you enter all user data such as name, e-mail, etc. First and foremost, select the user type (in-house / contractor / observer).
  2. Project assignment: Here you assign the user his roles to a respective project. In addition, certain projects for mobile devices can be made available.
  3. Group assignment
  4. Permissions: There are different permissions depending on the user type (see below)

ANNOTATION! When you create a new user, he/she will receive an automatically generated password via e-mail. If the user already has an existing PlanRadar account, then an invitation is sufficient. Creating a new account for an existing user is not possible.

Explanation of terms:

  1. In-House User: Unlike contractors or observers, who may only have limited, pre-defined administrative rights, in-house users may be assigned all or selected administrative rights. The user you create can only see or operate the menu items that you specify for him by selecting the checkboxes. The number of in-house users depends on quantity and license type. Subcontractors are free. They can only write comments, upload pictures and at most declare the progress.

  1. Recipient: The contractor has predefined authorizations that can not be changed.

  1. Watcher: The observer has the exclusive right to participation and may not make any changes to the project. The observer can be assigned to projects, but not to groups.

  1. Save and create users: When you create a user, they receive an automatically generated password (or alternatively the password you have defined) via e-mail.
  2. Then click “Save” to complete the process.


ANNOTATION!There is no limit to how many users can collaborate on a project at the same time. At the same time, an unlimited number of project participants can work on the project.

3. Invite Users

You can also invite users. They can choose a password themselves. The invited user receives an e-mail notification and must first activate their account and set a password.

ANNOTATION! There is no limit to how many users can collaborate on a project at the same time. At the same time, an unlimited number of project participants can work on the project.

4. Importing Users

You can import users directly into PlanRadar using Excel or CSV files.

Navigate to the Users tab via the navigation bar, then click on the dropdown Export/Import button found in the top right of the Users page. Select “Import users”.


Upload your Excel or CSV file from your documents by clicking on the blue ‘Upload file’ button and locating the document. Once you have uploaded your file, click on ‘Next’.


*Please Note – We have a sample file that can be downloaded to help you import users correctly into PlanRadar.

Next you will need to map the attributes from your excel or CSV file to the PlanRadar user attributes. Once you have mapped the attributes, click on ‘Next’.


If any errors occur while importing your users, you will see them listed here. If there are no errors, you can click ‘Next’.

*You can click on the back button to fix errors if the issue was attribute mapping. Otherwise, you might need to change data within the Excel or CSV file. The error message will tell you exactly what the issue is.

Next, you will see a list of the users you are importing. You can update their Roles by clicking on the dropdown. You can also assign them to further projects if needed by clicking on the expand arrow next to the user.


*If you make changes to one user, and want it to apply to every user, click on ‘Apply to all’.
Once you are finished, click on ‘Next’.

Click ‘Import’ to import all users into your PlanRadar account.


5. Edit users

To edit already created users, switch to the “User” menu via the navigation bar. By clicking on the user to be edited, you will be taken to the detailed information in which you can make your changes.

In the account-view, manuals and FAQs are available. If you have any further questions, suggestions for improvement or comments, please contact: [email protected]. Alternatively, click on “Support” in the web platform and send us your request.

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