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All Devices
All Devices

All devices

The PlanRadar app is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices, as well as in the most popular browsers.
[slider] [slide video=”″ title=”Easy monitoring of findings” subtitle=”You can capture and monitor findings on-site with your mobile device. Easily add pictures, texts, voice notes directly on your device for each finding. ” cover=””] [slide video=”″ title=”Direct communication” subtitle=”Communicate directly through the PlanRadar App and show findings immediately to the person in charge or let your client accompany you in real-time from wherever he is. Get updates of project processes and share them directly in your PlanRadar app.” cover=””] [slide video=”″ title=”Digital plans” subtitle=”Easily add one or more plans by drag & drop. Either zoom in to see every detail or zoom out in your plan to keep the overview of the big whole! However, you wish and however the situation requires.” cover=””] [/slider]

A benefit for everyone


Aircraft Owner

Be always aware of your aircrafts condition and follow any inspections in real-time. Discuss and monitor events digital from wherever you are. Get status updates and statistics with just one click! Get status and statistic updates of the ongoing project with just one click! Monitoring the health of your aircraft and „on-site“ updates to inspections or refurbishments was never that easy!

Operation & Management

A great tool for Operators and Management companies. Easy detect and monitor the conditions of the aircraft, get real-time updates during inspections, discuss them digitally and direct them to any involved parties! Astonish your clients with real-time information and immediately available statistics or progress updates, safe PLENTY of back-office work and storage space!

Maintenance facility

Reduce paperwork and back-office preparations by simply using PlanRadar for bug monitoring and project status overviews! Benefit from the digital presentation of any progress in your inspection and avoid missunderstandings from your clients by visualizing your findings.


Avoid paperwork or outdated data by making your plannings and deliveries digital. Not only your clients and their representatives will thank you for real-time updates and status reports, also your back office and technicians will appreciate the easy & paperless digital work.

Completion facility

Plan refurbishments on your device, wherever you are, and directly synchronize with your other devices, your team, nd your client! Open the PlanRadar App and see with one click your project, direct the to do’s to your employees and send your client Status updates or statistics of the progress and real-time pictures when items are completed!

Broker & Consultant

Visual Inspections or Audits where never that easy! Safe a full day of back office post preparations and produce your reports on-site! With one click you can either invite participants to let them see the results of your inspection or generate a PDF to send it via mail to whoever you want.
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