Billrothstraße 22

Billrothstraße 22

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Project description

Premium Bauträger GmbH entrusted Pongratz Bau GmbH with the construction of the Billrothstraße 22 residential complex. The project included a 2-story underground car park, a business premises on the ground floor and 41 apartments in a prime location.

Special attention was again given to the say of the future apartment owners, so that all apartments could be planned and constructed according to the individual needs of their residents. On the one hand, the challenge was not to lose any valuable space, but nevertheless to place the 2-story underground car park on the property. Whereby particular caution was required in the course of securing the excavation pit and the excavation. As a general contractor, a visually appealing building with the best equipment quality was built to the satisfaction of the developer and the customer.With more than 900 tickets which we did not have to enter manually into Excel, or with picture reports, we had spared ourselves a mountain of work. All professionals also accepted the system well and contributed to the successful completion of the project.