We’re so pleased that we
chose to engage our business
with PlanRadar.

Tony Ashton

We are convinced we’ve made the right choice with
PlanRadar and are looking forward to a long and
prosperous collaboration with your platform.

Tony Ashton , Director at Independent Lifestyles

We spent a considerable amount of time and money studying all the various options in this space and we’re certain we made the right choice.

PlanRadar is proving to be a game changer for both ourselves and our clients and while we initially came to look at this type of platform for a particular use, Fire Door Installation, we are continually finding new uses for it. We have now adopted it for our Electrical & Gas inspections, Water Temperature Audits and a couple of our clients are now using it for our reactive maintenance service.

PlanRadar’s pricing structure also helps and makes it a very affordable option that we can adapt to a whole new range of applications. Something I didn’t really appreciate initially is how simple and straight forward it is to customise the platform for individual uses. I can create a new application in less than an hour and being able to do this in-house saves us a considerable amount of time and money.

I’d also like to thank you personally for your help with initial and ongoing support and technical advice.

Independent Lifestyles use PlanRadar to support these processes

Task management

Assign tasks to team members, with photos and videos for extra context. With all communication in one place, it's easy to see when a job is completed.

Inspections and audits

From fire safety audits to gas and electrical inspections, it's easy to document issues while on-site. Generate inspection reports in seconds, no more manual reporting.

Reactive maintenance

With all subcontractors using PlanRadar, emergency maintenance and repair tasks can be created and discussed in the app, no need for phone calls.