Being a major investor and contractor, MEŠIĆ COM has reduced the time for visiting sites

Being a major investor and contractor, MEŠIĆ COM has reduced the time for visiting sites.

Defect management at a construction site with PlanRadar software

Zagreb-based company MEŠIĆ COM (UP) has been successfully operating throughout Croatia for 40 years. Today it is one of the largest companies engaged in the construction and rental of residential buildings in the capital of Croatia.

Ahmet Mesic established his construction company in 1980. Eventually, it grew into the company MEŠIĆ COM d.o.o. in 1993 which currently includes over 100 employees.

MEŠIĆ COM is engaged in the construction of public facilities (schools, kindergartens, theaters, hospitals and sports facilities), as well as the construction of residential and commercial real estate. At the same time, the company acts not only as a general contractor, but also as an investor.

Dino Gveric – Chief Engineer and Project Manager at MEŠIĆ COM – uses PlanRadar to keep construction documentation which is easy and fast to create directly at the construction sites during inspections or construction supervision.

First of all, we use PlanRadar to keep the construction documentation which is easy and fast to create directly at the construction sites during inspections or construction supervision.

Dino Gveric, Chief Engineer and Project Manager at MEŠIĆ COM

Problem: time-consuming inspections at construction sites and fixing defects

Before using this construction software, MEŠIĆ COM engineers had to conduct long inspections at a construction site, collecting defects at the final stage of construction.

It always took a lot of time, nerves, and effort to search, systematize, and then transfer information about defects.

It was inconvenient to do because they had to carry inconvenient, large drawings, a voice recorder, a camera, folders with design documentation, and construction site diaries. It was extremely difficult and inefficient to fix defects properly when you had several devices in your hands and had to manually put everything on paper.

Besides, after each visit to the construction site, the supervising engineer then had to return to the office and manually enter the collected information into the database, generate a report manually and send it by e-mail to contractors who had to eliminate deficiencies. And confirming information about the performed works received by e-mail then had to be transferred to a report.

Every week a report had to be manually updated taking into account a new status of the work, then to be printed out and delivered to the construction site — the whole laborious process was repeated endlessly, which cost the company many working hours. Such an unnecessarily complicated process no longer corresponds to up-to-date realities in the construction industry.

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the duration of inspections has been reduced


% of email communications has decreased


working hours are saved per week

Solution: MEŠIĆ COM chose PlanRadar to reduce long visits to the construction sites

Since the company is engaged in a large number of projects at the same time, and also works with many real estate facilities, it is not surprising that they decided to choose PlanRadar. It allows them to receive clear and up-to-date information, have full control over numerous projects and tasks, and easily monitor the quality of construction work.

Today, successful professionals in the field of construction are expected to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Therefore, as soon as MEŠIĆ COM team found out that PlanRadar saves users an average of 7 working hours per week, they immediately realized that this is exactly what they need. With PlanRadar, not only the workflow at the construction site was accelerated in a short time, but also the subsequent data processing in the office was speeded up.

During construction, MEŠIĆ COM uses PlanRadar to monitor the status of work or to fix those changes that were not foreseen during the elaboration of design documentation. If something cannot be done on the construction site, they make a change in PlanRadar in one click and immediately this task becomes visible to all responsible participants.

MEŠIĆ COM can always be sure that all project participants will be aware of the tasks that need to be completed and will be notified by PlanRadar in real time, and MEŠIĆ COM team can monitor the status of all works through the application.

With PlanRadar, it is very easy to explain to the colleagues in the project exactly where a particular defect is located since they are fixed directly on PlanRadar digital plans. Thus, MEŠIČ COM has significantly reduced not only the time for visiting a construction site, but also the time required to process a large amount of data from numerous construction sites and facilities where they work simultaneously.


At MEŠIĆ COM, PlanRadar digital solution is considered very practical and much more efficient than the previous traditional way of working without digital tools. This software resolved their need for long-term data post-processing in office, since now data about defects are recorded and processed immediately, without a time log – a defect report is generated right on the construction site and sent to responsible persons.

The main advantages of PlanRadar software are the accuracy of the application as well as the ability to solve problems quickly and collect documentation directly on site, since PlanRadar is a mobile application that operates even when a user is not connected to the Internet.

Using this software, MEŠIĆ COM receives accurate digitized construction documentation which is systematized and available always and everywhere.

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You no longer need to spend many hours every week copying data to Excel spreadsheets — reports for the project are created directly on the construction site in a few clicks due to automated and customisable report templates.

Dino Gveric, Project Manager at MEŠIĆ COM

MEŠIĆ COM uses PlanRadar for the following tasks

Digital reports

With PlanRadar, the company’s specialists make snag lists on-site and supplement them with information in the form of notes, photos, videos, and voice recordings directly from their smartphones. All information can be sent to the client or contractor in real time.

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Digital reports

Construction supervision

With PlanRadar, you can perform construction and technical control of the construction site directly from your smartphone: to fix defects and design features, to create tasks directly on the drawing. Easily create a full report in one click and send it to the client.

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Construction supervision

Project management

In order to be as effective as possible, MEŠIĆ COM relies on PlanRadar: every action for assessment, acceptance and identification of problem areas is recorded in digital format. All project tasks are clearly collected in the dashboards.

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Project management