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Construction projects typically have 1-2 construction defects per 10 m², causing project overruns and rising project costs.

With PlanRadar you can digitise the process, submit construction defect data and track the work status in real time.

Capture defects

Construction defects no longer have to be recorded with a yardstick, huge floor plans and a digital camera. Using the practical app, data is recorded directly on-site using a smartphone or tablet.

You can create tickets with a tap of your finger on digital blueprints and fill them with additional information such as text notes, voice messages, photographs or annotated sections of the plan. Instantly assign tasks to the relevant team member and they’ll get notified about the task instantly via their easy to use mobile app.

Collaborate to solve defects

Once you’ve set up your project, you can stay in touch with all team members and subcontractors. Users can assign tasks and add initial information, while the assignee or subcontractor can get in touch with any questions or updates via their free PlanRadar account. They can attach their own photographs so that you can see the work has been done without having to visit the site immediately.

Once they’ve set the task status to resolved, the site manager can include the location on an inspection, double checking the work before marking the ticket as closed. It’s also easy to set deadlines for task completion and to automate recurring events, which means tasks don’t get overlooked or forgotten.

Report defects in real time

With the help of the automatic statistics function, the current status of a project is immediately visible. You can see at a glance how many deffects in a project are open, have been dealt with, or are still being processed and make decisions about managing subcontractors as a result.

Automatically combine all information collected in defect reports. Export the completed report including photos, plan sections and the communication history of those involved with just one click as a PDF or Excel file. You can also make custom reports in your company’s style using PlanRadar’s report template builder and share them directly with all of a project’s stakeholders.

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What is defect management?

Defect management is the process of discovering defects that need to be fixed in a new building. This can be done pre-emptively by the contractor before practical completion, during the handover inspection or during the defect liability period after occupying the building. During these stages, the contractor is liable for fixing defects, so it’s important to create a complete defects list to track everything they need to repair.

What are some of the most common defects?

The most common defects relate to poor or rushed workmanship. These are things like chipped or messy paintwork, missing grout or small elements that haven’t been installed properly. For instance, a missing screw in a hinge could cause a door to hang incorrectly. Socket might not be secure to the wall or a pipe could be leaking once you start to use it regularly. Occasionally you might find more serious defects, but most are small and easy to repair.

What should a defect management list include?

A defect list is where you collect all the different defects you need to manage. The easiest way to compile one is to log each defect digitally, with a photograph and any extra notes and then tag it to a digital plan of the building. Once you’ve completed your defect inspection, you can then run a report that includes all the defects you’ve created and share it with the contractor for rectification.

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