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Digital project

With PlanRadar, you can complete project handovers via your mobile device without having to go back to your office to finish the paperwork.

From the recording of defects to the creation of handover protocols, you can configure processes on a project-specific basis. In the case of legal disputes or claims, you also benefit from complete documentation of all communication.

Collect data during site inspections

PlanRadar enables simple handovers using your smartphone or tablet. With customisable protocol templates, you can ensure your paperwork complies with building regulations, any contract requirements and your company’s procedures. Data entry is standardised, making it easy to carry out inspections and compile reports.

Ensure that everything goes smoothly on the handover day and record all last-minute defects as tickets on digital construction plans. Substantiate them with additional comments on plans and photos to address defects before the handover takes place.

Traceable open tasks and defects

If any snags or defects are found during a handover, they can be documented and assigned to someone to repair. Add deadlines to tasks and use the chat function to keep in contact with all team members and subcontractors in real time.

Automatic push notifications inform project participants about new tasks or changes in real time. PlanRadar documents all interactions and creates a documented communication trail.

Create your own construction handover reports

Thanks to the handover protocol template, you can combine all of the data recorded in a project into complete reports in next to no time. The template for the handover report is fully customisable so that it contains all the information required by law and the contract being fulfilled.

Export the completed handover report with all identified defects and associated evidence and images as a PDF file at the push of a button.

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Handover directly on the construction site

Consistent handover protocol that reduces errors

Total tracability - open items and faults tracked from site inspection to close

Construction handovers, on-site and on time.


At what point is my construction project ready for handover?

A project can be handed over once the terms of the contract have been fulfilled. Usually that means the owner can move into the building and use it for its intended purpose. At handover, the goal is to receive a certificate of practical completion, which ends work on-site and starts the defects liability period.

What should be included in handover documentation?

Some parts of the handover process are straightforward: the client needs the keys and access to all areas of the building. They also need all test results, certificates and warranties for the different pieces of equipment installed. The client should also be issued with as-built drawings and/or the common data environment if the contractor was working from a BIM model. You should also be able to hand over the health and safety file, the building log book and a building owner’s manual. The exact details of what the client needs should be listed in the contract and might be different depending on the type of building.

What happens after handover and close out?

Once the project has been handed over to the client, the contractor still has to rectify defects discovered during the defects liability period. As part of the handover meeting, you should discuss the process for the reporting and repair of these defects. At the end of this period, the contract administrator will make a list of all the defects that haven’t been rectified and the contractor must agree to complete them by a certain date. Once that has been completed, the administrator issues a certificate of making good and the contractor’s obligations end.

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