Knowledge Base – 13. Roles

PlanRadar Screenshot "Roles"

In this article, you will learn about the following:

  1. Overview
  2. Create Roles
  3. Manage Roles

By assigning roles, you can assign individual rights to the user.

1. Overview

PlanRadar Interface Overall View "Roles"
  1. Create group (For more information, see „Create Group“)
  2. Search bar
  3. Edit or delete a role (for more information, see „Manage roles“ below)
  4. Show Next / Previous page
  5. Entries per page

2. Create Roles

To create a new role, select the menu item “Roles” in the navigation bar and go to the “Create new role” button. It opens a new window by selecting the individual permissions.

PlanRadar Interface "How to create Roles"

By default, the administrator role is predefined. This can be renamed and adapted as desired.

Define a name for the new role and select the appropriate authorizations.

The pen or trash can icon allows you to change or delete roles.

3. Manage Roles

You can also access the “Roles”-view via the navigation bar and select the project you want to change. Make the changes you want to make in the following mask and then click “Save”.

PlanRadar Interface "How to edit Roles"

In the account-view, manuals and FAQs are available. If you have any further questions, suggestions for improvement or comments, please contact: Alternatively, click on “Support” in the web platform and send us your request.

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