Knowledge Base – 5. Home

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In this article, you will learn about the following:

  1. Overview – My Projects
  2. Choose Alternative Account

1. Overview - My Projects

The “Home”-interface looks identical to the “Context”-interface. “Home” also shows an overview of your projects and a list of the tickets you have created or are assigned to you. The only difference between the two interfaces is, that the “Home”-interface is account-related and thus changes depending on which account you have selected in the “Context” menu.

Screenshot User Interface "Home Dashboard"
  1. List of all projects
  2. List of all tickets you have created
  3. List of all tickets assigned to you
  4. Show Next / Previous page
  5. Show / Hide columns individually
  6. Ascending and descending filter function of the displayed columns.

2. Choose Alternative Account

Scheme "Dropdown Menue" PlanRadar

But above all, the „Context“-Menu is intended for contractors working for several companies. To do this, click on the „“-symbol in the top left corner of the navigation bar. A list of your accounts will appear. By clicking on the respective account, your „Home“-interface will subsequently adapt to the selected account.

ANNOTATION! You only have multiple accounts if you have been invited by several companies as a contractor! Example: You will receive an invitation from company A, because you have been commissioned to do so as a builder, and from company B you will receive an invitation because you have been commissioned as a screed installer.

In the account-view, manuals and FAQs are available. If you have any further questions, suggestions for improvement or comments, please contact: Alternatively, click on “Support” in the web platform and send us your request.

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