Knowledge Base – 1. General

WHAT IS PLANRADAR?:  PlanRadar is a cloud-based SaaS solution for construction documentation, defect and task management in construction and real estate projects. Through a web application (available for all browsers) and native apps for all smartphones and tablets, the collection, documentation, communication and tracking of construction defects and tasks is made possible.


To use PlanRadar, all you need is an Android or iOS device, a supported web browser, and an Internet connection.
Currently, we support all modern web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 11. Although, we do not officially support older browsers, some of the features in certain older browsers should still be usable.


In this case we have a multi-level security system:

  • The data is stored on secure servers of AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the data center Frankfurt / Main
  • You can download and save your data to your local data storage at any time.
  • All data transmissions are SSL encrypted.
  • The access rights to the internal platform information can be controlled with a rights and roles system.
  • If your data is “self-deleted”, there is the possibility to recover it, however, this is quite time consuming and therefore this service would incur a situation-dependent fee.


In addition, PlanRadar is constantly audited by external IT experts on behalf of our clients.

In the account-view, manuals and FAQs are available. If you have any further questions, suggestions for improvement or comments, please contact: [email protected]. Alternatively, click on “Support” in the web platform and send us your request.

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