Plan approvals are part of the Document Management feature.

PlanRadar supports requesting approvals on new plan versions uploaded to a project, similar to document approvals. Approval requests for plan versions are created in Project > Plans & layers.

Plan approvals can be requested when:

  • Creating one or more new plan layers
  • Updating the plan of a layer

Access & Permissions

Plan approvals are available for Enterprise accounts.

Only in-house users have the permission to create approval requests for plans.
Subcontractors can receive approval requests on plans, but they don’t have access to view the approval details of other reviewers.
Read more in Permissions.

How to access Plans and layers of a project

Plan approval requests can be created when uploading plans in Plans and layers of a project. To get there:

  1. Click Projects
  2. Click the project in your list of projects
  3. Click Plans and layers

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Request plan approvals

As long as a new plan version has not been approved yet, all users still work with the current plan version. Once a new plan version is approved, it becomes the new current version.

Request approval when creating a new plan layer

  1. Click Create layers
  2. Select the Request approval checkbox
  3. Click Choose plan file (or drag & drop it) – create as many plan layers you need
  4. Click Save
  5. Wait until your plan has been processed. The Request approval checkbox does not yet create the approval request. You will have to create the request once your plan has been processed successfully.
  6. Now click Request approval

Now complete and send the approval request which is the same process as for document approvals:

  1. Click Add reviewers
  2. Optional: enter new subject
  3. Optional: enter a message
  4. Click the date icon and set a due date
  5. Click Send request

Request approval for a plan update

You can update an existing plan with a new version. First, access Plans & layers of your project.

  1. Select an existing layer
  2. Click Update plan dropdown
  3. Click Upload from my computer
    or from your cloud stroage service
  4. Select the Request approval checkbox
  5. Click Save
  6. Wait until your new plan version has been processed. The Request approval checkbox does not yet create the approval request. You will have to create the request once your plan has been processed successfully.
  7. Click Request approval and continue with Fill and send an approval request

After a plan approval request has been sent it has the status Pending and can be reviewed. All reviewers will get an email notification.

Cancel an incomplete plan approval request

If you uploaded a plan with the Request approval checkbox selected, after the plan is processed, you can choose to cancel the approval request. You have decide to either:

  1. Click Cancel approval
  2. Select Skip the approval process and keep the plan version
    OR Discard the plan version
  3. Click Continue

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Review a plan version

There are two ways to review plan approval requests.

Review a new plan version via Plans & layers

If you are a reviewer with access to Projects, you can go to Projects > select the project > Plans and Layers

  1. Look for layers with status Pending
  2. Click Review new version
  3. Optional: Click Compare versions to review changes (close the old version’s view afterwards)
  4. Click Approve OR Reject

Review a new plan version via Approval requests

If you are a reviewer, you can go to Documents > Approval requests and look for any requests pending your approval. This works the same way as for file approvals, see Review approval requests.

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Approval Request access can be controlled with specific role permissions as described for Document Versioning & Approvals

Apart from that all users with access to Projects > Plans & layers can request plan approvals in general.

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