Manage your Personal Access Tokens

Use Personal Access Tokens to let external software authenticate with our servers when using an API.

Before you proceed, please make sure that you have permissions to access the API features.

You can create and manage Personal Access Tokens under Settings > Profile > Personal Access Tokens.


These tokens are user-based. You should not share them with anyone else and need to handle them with care. Anyone in possession of an access token could potentially access your account and act on your behalf.


There is a maximum rate limit of 30 requests/minute by default. Upon request, this limit may be increased, please contact [email protected].

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Manage Webhooks for your Account

Webhooks allow external software to react upon events that occur within PlanRadar such as “ticket created”, “ticket updated”, “photo attached”, etc. You can create and manage Webhooks under Settings > Account > Webhooks.

This setting is only accessible to account holders.


Click on ‘Add new Webhook.’ Here you will be able to choose what events your external software would like to be notified of.


Here you configure how we may authenticate with your server. Currently we support “HTTP Basic Authentication” with username and password.


If you want to provide additional header fields for your service you can configure them here. For passwords or secrets we provide the option to hide the value in the user interface. If you choose to hide it, you cannot recall it in the user interface after saving your Webhook for security reasons.


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Grant Users Permission to Access the API features

The API Documentation and Personal Access Tokens pages can only be accessed with the correct customer permissions. Account holders will automatically be granted access to API documentation.

To grant other In-house users with the correct permissions, go to User Management > Users and then edit or create a new In-house user and tick the ‘API Access’ permission.


Invalidating Access Tokens of other users

You have the ability to remove Access Tokens created by other In-House users. To delete Access Tokens, you need to have the permission to manage users.

To remove an Access Token created by a user, go to User Management > Users via the navigation bar. From here, select the In-House user whose token you want to remove from the system. You will see the users created tokens on the right-hand side, and from here you can delete them.


Please note: Access Tokens created by the Account Holder cannot be deleted by other users. Only the Account Holder can delete their own Access Tokens by going to Settings > Profile > Personal Access Token.


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PlanRadar Connect

PlanRadar Connect, powered by Workato, allows you to integrate with more than 200 applications without writing a single line of code.

To use PlanRadar Connect, our Customer Success team will review your integration requirements to grant you appropriate access and support. To request access, navigate to Settings > Account > PlanRadar Connect and click Request Access. You will then be contacted by a member of our team.

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