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The Dashboard-Interface gives an overview of your projects and their ticket statuses respectively:



Choose Alternative Account


The „“-symbol, located at the top left corner of the navigation bar, is intended for contractors working for several companies. By clicking on it a list of your accounts will appear. By clicking on the respective account, your „Dashboard“-interface will subsequently adapt to the selected account.

ANNOTATION! You only have multiple accounts if you have been invited by several companies as a contractor! Example: You will receive an invitation from company A, because you have been commissioned to do so as a builder, and from company B you will receive an invitation because you have been commissioned as a screed installer.

In the account-view, manuals and FAQs are available. If you have any further questions, suggestions for improvement or comments, please contact: [email protected]. Alternatively, click on “Support” in the web platform and send us your request.


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