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"When choosing a suitable solution that would allow us to achieve our goals, we focused on functionality and customisability. We placed particular importance on the ease of implementation and the ability to adapt to specific requirements. We found all of the above in PlanRadar."

Marcin Kowalczyk,

Works Manager, HB Reavis

Construction Management Platform

How HB Reavis utilised PlanRadar to build the tallest building in the European Union – Varso Tower in Warsaw, Poland

HB Reavis Group is an international company employing more than 700 people, and has operated in the real estate market for almost 30 years. They specialise in the development of co-working spaces, participating throughout all phases of the building’s life cycle: from design and construction to operation and management. Their mission: to provide an exceptional experience for people who benefit from tailor-made offices, shopping centers, or coworking spaces. The solutions used in HB Reavis properties are designed to have a positive impact on the efficiency and well-being of their occupants as well as local communities.

HB Reavis operates in Slovakia, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Germany, and Czech Republic. To date, they have developed properties with a combined space of more than 1.5 million sqm, and 0.7 million sqm of projects are planned or in the pipeline. The Group’s portfolio value (net asset value) reached €1.8 billion at the end of 2021. Varso Tower in Warsaw and Nové Apollo in Bratislava are some of the company’s flagship projects.

The challenge: communication, defects, tasks, reports, and statistics

Varso Place project was built right next to Warsaw’s Central Station. It consists of three buildings with a total of 144,000 sqm of leasable space, including offices, a hotel, an innovation center, and commercial spaces. A prominent part of the project is the 310-meter tall Varso Tower skyscraper commissioned in 2022. The skyscraper was designed by a world-renowned British architect Norman Foster, the creator of such structures as Terminal 3 of Beijing International Airport, Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt am Main, the new Wembley Stadium in London, and Warsaw’s Metropolitan office building.

Varso Tower is currently the tallest building in European Union and the fifth tallest building in all of Europe. This 53-story skyscraper offers more than 70,000 sqm of total usable space. The property was designed and constructed with a focus on the environment, comfort, and health of its visitors and occupants, as proven by obtaining the highest level of BREEM (Outstanding) and WELL (Gold) certifications. The project was intended to be an impetus for further investment in this part of the city, as well as an architectural landmark of the capital.

One of the biggest challenges encountered during the execution of projects of this complexity is ensuring effective communication between all parties involved. The team required a solution that could record and monitor the status of defects, manage the tasks of the HB Reavis crew and contractors, and generate easy-to-read reports and statistics on the development. Furthermore, the developer was looking for software that would allow for easy implementation, functionality, and flexible customisation to meet specific needs and individual requirements.

The solution: PlanRadar ensures effective communication and enables users to log all defects, manage tasks, generate reports, and keep statistics

During the construction of Varso Tower, PlanRadar’s platform was used by 20 HB Reavis team members and more than 130 contractors. Timeframe for deployment was very short – it took only 1-2 weeks to seamlessly implement the software on site. The intuitive interface didn’t require any complicated training – a quick tutorial was all that was needed.

The result: a single platform used for communication, defect, and task management, reporting, and generating statistics

PlanRadar software enables convenient documentation of possible defects and oversight of repairs, as well as task creation and management, and preparation of easy-to-read reports and metrics. Everything is accessible from a mobile device and is done on a single platform. Collected information is transparent, easily accessible, and always up-to-date. Thanks to the implementation of the digital solution, HB Reavis successfully established highly effective processes that streamlined the completion of the prestigious Varso Tower.

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HB Reavis uses PlanRadar for the following tasks:

Defect management

Defect management

With PlanRadar, potential defects can be recorded in real-time at the construction site, with notes, voice messages, photos, videos, and plan excerpts – all you need is a smartphone or a tablet.

Defect management
Task management

Task management

PlanRadar allows you to create, assign and monitor tasks for both members of the project team and subcontractors. Data is always up-to-date and available to all authorised users.

Task assignment
Generating reports & keeping statistics

Generating reports & keeping statistics

PlanRadar equals ease of generating reports and keeping statistics to facilitate decision-making for key aspects of a project. You can use predefined templates or a template builder.

Project analysis & insights

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