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How the hospitality sector saves time and resources with PlanRadar

Minimise breakdowns

Minimise breakdowns

Ensure your guests have an exceptional experience by eliminating breakdowns and responding quickly to repairs.

Ensure quality and safety

Ensure quality and safety

Implement thorough inspection processes to maintain the quality of your hospitality facility and document compliance with regulations.

Access real-time insights

Access real-time insights

Identify opportunities to improve your operations with live insights and swift reporting.

PlanRadar saves me 4 to 6 hours of administrative work per week in maintenance management. For the individual restaurant manager, I can see a saving of 3 to 5 hours per week.

Thomas Daufenbach, Maintenance Manager, Five Guys

Efficient facility management for hospitality

Efficient facility management for hospitality

Plan and manage processes, staff and external contractors. Supervise maintenance, housekeeping and other work in your hotel or restaurant and coordinate quality assurance and hygiene management.

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Ensure peak property performance

Ensure peak property performance

Improve standards in your hotel or restaurant by adding creating bespoke processes for preventative maintenance. Gather precisely the data you need and monitor statistics to identify areas for intervention and improvement.

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All communication in one place

All communication in one place

With PlanRadar, all contacts, tasks, checklist templates and other information are safely stored in one place. Reduce the number of emails, meetings and texts with a central location for all collaboration within your hospitality projects.

Monitor construction & refurbishment projects

Monitor construction & refurbishment projects

Take charge of construction or renovation projects when expanding or improving your hospitality portfolio. Benefit from construction management and subcontractor management tools that will help to bring your projects in on-time and on-budget. PlanRadar also helps you to automatically capture a complete audit trail of everything that happens on-site.

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How your hospitality business benefits from PlanRadar:

Mobile use.

Mobile use. Document, manage and monitor work orders on-the-go using any iOS, Android or Windows device.

One platform for everything.

One platform for everything. Keep communication and important documents in one place.

Complete flexibility.

Complete flexibility. Build bespoke checklists, forms and reports that precisely match your needs.

Less paperwork.

Less paperwork. Add everything you need to document to PlanRadar and eliminate the need to compile information in the office.

Instant oversight.

Instant oversight. Use custom dashboards to highlight the data you need at a glance, giving you actionable insights into your business.

PlanRadar saves us from having to deal with a lot of email traffic and filing work. Since all information, including correspondence, is in one place, we are able to process things faster and check progress more easily. This saves us time on administrative work and gives us more resources for other tasks.

Constantin Hoss, Asset Manager, Art Invest hotels division

Solutions for hospitality property management

Standardised checklists

Standardised checklists

Use ready-made forms or create your own lists for standardised data collection. Support hygiene checks, tours, maintenance protocols and room inspections in your hotel with bespoke checklists that meet all necessary regulations. Save and share records with just a few clicks.

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Manage external contractors

Manage external contractors

Integrate contractors into your workflow free of charge with PlanRadar. Assign work tickets with deadlines and priorities and communicate via tickets to keep all information exchange in one trackable location. Contractors access the platform via a free subcontractor account.

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Fire safety audits

Fire safety audits

Ensure complete documentation of your infrastructure projects by adding photos, videos, voice notes and plan annotations to 2D plans or BIM models. Store evidence securely for future reference and in the event of claims.

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How can I create my own checklists in PlanRadar for HACCP, room inspections or fire safety in my hotel or restaurant?

With PlanRadar, you can easily create checklists for your business’s specific needs in a dedicated editor. Create and share checklists for different tasks or areas of your building in just a few clicks. In addition to the individual items on your checklist, you can also add mandatory fields, deadlines and set checklists to be recurring tasks so that your team completes them on a regular basis.

On the shop floor, it’s also easier for store managers to report issues and arrange for repairs, while regular preventative maintenance means that there are fewer breakdowns or damaged elements in your stores. All of those features help to reduce downtime and maximise the performance of your retail space.

When choosing the best property management software for your hospitality business, you need to first identify what you want the software or app to do. Do you only want to manage maintenance and repairs, or do you also want health & safety features? Do you want your staff to be able to log their other tasks in the platform? Do you need it to work as timesheet software?

Once you have identified your requirements, research the available software on the market. Try free trials, request demos and get custom quotes. Ask your team to test the software in real world scenarios to see how easy it is to use. Once you’ve thoroughly tested the options and received quoted costs you can analyse the predicted ROI to see which option is best for your hotel or restaurant.

Yes. Our platform’s flexibility means that it is easy to adapt it to precisely your business. Whether you run a single city-centre hotel, a set of holiday rental apartments, or a chain of luxury resorts, PlanRadar can scale to your needs. You can use our hotel facilities management software for:

  • Recurring maintenance
  • Urgent repairs
  • Health and safety inspections
  • Fire safety audits
  • Communication with external vendors
  • Documenting damage for insurance claims with photos and videos

Absolutely. If you own or manage restaurants, you know that hardly a day goes by without something needing repairs or maintenance. With PlanRadar, you can easy manage those incidents – and create a preventative maintenance plan that lowers the risk of equipment breakdown. You can also use PlanRadar to log your health & safety inspections and daily hygiene inspections of bathrooms or kitchen areas. With bespoke checklists and forms, you can build everything from a cleaning checklist to an inventory system.

Yes! Whether your portfolio includes gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, theatres or any other kind of facility, you can use PlanRadar to manage maintenance, repairs and more. With flexible forms and other templates, you can build exactly the kind of documentation you need kept – from tracking daily and weekly pool maintenance to monthly or annual services for lifts and other building systems or plant rooms. You can also ask your external service providers to use PlanRadar to complete their assessments – simply add them to your project as subcontractors and they’ll be able to see the relevant information with no costs for either party.

If you work in an area of hospitality that serves food, then you are required to create a HACCP plan that identifies any hazards, identifies critical control points (CCPs) that tell you that an intervention is needed, and creates a strategy for monitoring the CCPs in your business. You also need to keep detailed records of how you’re implementing your HACCP plan and any incidents that take place. Your plan will be unique to your restaurant, café or bar, so your documentation should also be custom to you. That will also make it easier for your restaurant managers to keep on top of the checks.

Once you have established the outline of your HACCP plan, you can build bespoke forms in PlanRadar that will make it easy to document everything digitally. You won’t need to worry about keeping printed copies of forms or checklists – your whole team will be able to access the forms you build from their phones or tablets and can submit them to be centrally stored. You can access all stored forms indefinitely – they won’t be deleted from the platform unless you expressly decide to delete them. You can also export all of your records and share them with health inspectors, making official inspections easier to handle.

Yes. PlanRadar is suitable for both large and small users thanks to its flexible licensing model. We would be happy to advise you on how best to use PlanRadar for your purposes, including advice on how to distribute licences in your team in the most cost-effective way.

All information collected with PlanRadar is stored permanently on GDPR-compliant servers based in the EU. You can access and export data at any time and without restrictions for the duration of your contract, making PlanRadar an ideal place to store reports that you might need to access years in the future.

Yes! We offer a 30-day free trial to all potential users so that you can try our platform in the real world before paying a penny. You can also request a custom demonstration from our team of experts who will show you how to build your own bespoke forms, checklists and reports.

PlanRadar is used as software for documentation and communication daily in the hotels of renowned hotel groups such as InterContinental Hotels Group, Hilton Worldwide, Marriott International and Accor. It is also used by international restaurant chains such as Five Guys. We are in regular contact with our customers in different sectors of the hospitality industry to make sure that our platform continues to work for them, and remains at the cutting edge of hospitality software.

Yes, PlanRadar offers an open API and webhooks to support the exchange of data with other software solutions, so if there’s an integration that you need, it’s likely that we’ll be able to support you.

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