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Digital inspection checklists

Complete and submit checklists on the go!

Some of our successful customers

Simplify checklists for construction and building inspections 

With PlanRadar, you can create and generate structured checklists with just a few clicks, transforming the data collected into a usable document that adds efficiency to your project.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Collect standardised data

Using PlanRadar, you can create checklists for construction, safety, workplace and more, ensuring that your team collects all the data you need. Build your own checklists or upload templates to meet your more complex requirements.

Collect data on the go

The mobile app, available for smartphones or tablets, makes it easy to fill out checklist while moving around the site.

Simply check off items on the go and export checklists reports with a few clicks. You can even add signatures right on your checklist when required.

Easy export reports

Skip the hassle of filing away checklists or tracking down dusty paper reports. Once a checklist is complete, the information is easily accessible in your PlanRadar account, ready to export and share with stakeholders. Never waste time searching for a paper checklist again!

With PlanRadar you can create checklists according to your exact requirements in next to no time.

Fill them out onsite using your mobile device and create and share downloadable reports with minimal effort.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Benefits at a glance:

Easily complete checklists onsite from your mobile or tablet device

Digitise your existing checklist processes and reduce follow up work in the office

Export all checklist data at the push of a button, giving you insights on-demand