Quality control in construction

quality control in construction 1
A successful construction project is the one which can achieve a balance between cost, time, and quality. Quality control is branched from the quality management sector as the responsible part to ensure that products and facilities comply with requirements and established standards.
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A continuous expanding industry – How updated software supports construction project management

construction project
Construction project management takes the approach to achieve the best performance, cost, time and quality starting from planning to the project up until the finish line. Construction project management was defined by the project management institute PMI as “The art of directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the lifecycle of a project by using modern management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality, and participating objectives”.
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Construction defect management – Risk analysis of causes and effects

A construction defect is generally a deficiency in the design or construction of the facility. A small construction defect can be destructive and lead to damage to the property and users. However, you can’t always detect this defect because while some are obvious, such as faulty drainage or water seepage,  most are not detected until years after finishing the building. The problem is, once the defect is there you can’t go back to change the causes, all you can do is try to find a solution to prevent the financial and material loss.
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PlanRadar property maintenance software reduce the costs of the real estate life cycle!

PlanRadar building maintenance software

The keywords management & maintenance are linked to each other when we are talking about the building industry. The PlanRadar property maintenance software helps building owners, investors and facility managers maintain and manage their buildings in four ways:

  1. Learn how a CMMS automates project management, tasks and documentations
  2. It optimizes your workflow and saves you up to 7 hours a week
  3. It reveals new contractor insights into your daily business operations,
  4. it ensures you to stay in touch with every contact partner (and his service) in real time.
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Construction tracking software – A guide of how to track and control your projects remotely!

PlanRadar construction tracking software

PlanRadar is a construction tracking software for defect management and construction documentation. It was created to establish a collaboration between all project participants on the job site while sharing the project’s and task’s status with everyone who is connected to the cloud-based application.

While PlanRadar is automatically transforming all project details into daily logs and construction documentations it also allows you to manage your projects remotely and directly from the office or via the mobile app! Our customers say that managing and tracking projects from the office with our software features and tools will approximately save you 60 minutes a day.

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Everything you need to know about construction remote monitoring

The tremendous development that has taken place in the information technology sector has made a significant impact in various areas, notably in the construction sector. Recent developments are now the helping hand of construction engineers in designing, planning and monitoring the workflow phases.
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Construction Administration in the modern construction era – Why it‘s important and leads to better results

At a certain point, cost reductions become counterproductive. Sometimes owners skip construction administration in order to lower expenses on architects. But, given the many possible delays that can occur in the final stages of a construction project, this decision seems unreasonable. The major reason why owners strike off construction administration from the architect´s offer is because it is thought of as a valid option! The following article will show you why construction administration is actually a very integral part of the whole building process and should not be omitted so easily.
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5 pieces of advice for the modern site manager


Being a Site Manager can be very demanding. Today, being an effective one requires more than just his knowledge of the craft. It has shifted to a more tech savvy role, to carry out more efficient workflows. Besides having to know all the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved, he should be able to cut costs without compromising quality. In addition to that he has to know all the workflows by heart to avoid misunderstandings and scheduling problems. Here are 5 pieces of advice to help you become more of an efficient leader.

  • The traditional vs. the modern site manager role – Using a management tool
  • Set the right expectations and communicate them
  • Plan ahead and expect the unexpected
  • Don’t hesitate adjusting course when things go wrong
  • Construction Management Is Changing – Don’t get left behind by using PlanRadar.
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Your energy efficient buildings business guide 2018

Man standing in a skyscraper
The “Green” concept is taking the world to a new level of sustainability. The last environmental threats of global warming and the idea of running out of energy resources is pushing the globe to exert more effort to reduce the effects of such problems. One of the main challenges facing sustainability is continuous urbanization. A continuous urban sprawl is invading non-developed land and consumes most of its natural material and resources. It was found that the building industry consumes 35% of world energy.
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Which construction apps for iPhone are the best?

construction app for iphone

Have you ever visited your building site without your most important papers, documents or plans? There are documents for each and every part of a building’s lifecycle regarding construction plans, floor plans, defect reports, checklists, daily logs etc.

Construction apps promise to help you manage your construction site, your data, your projects and also your employees. We´ve been searching for some user friendly and intuitive applications for your iPhone available in the Apple app store and we´d like to share them with you!

Let’s begin with a short review about:

  • Productivity enhancing apps features,
  • Free apps for your field of work
  • Supported areas of construction management and
  • Customized app solutions for your business.
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