Restoration of Heritage Buildings – From the Intention to maintain to an ending Disaster

On Monday, 15 April the world waked up on one of the worst news ever. The fire of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris that happened at 7:00 PM local time. A catastrophic fire raised on Monday demolishing the 850-year iconic spire and roof of the cathedral, just a few days before the Easter. Both front towers are safe now despite the doubts that north tower could be saved. Fortunately, the copper statues that used to be on the collapsed spire were removed on 11 April due to maintenance purpose.
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Key Benefits from attending Real Estate Industry Events?

Menschenansammlung auf Messeveranstaltung
Real estate industry is moving so fast and the only way to catch up with this move is to be knowledgeable enough with the sector events. It’s a great opportunity to meet the industry peers and keep an eye on the recent technological trends. In addition to that, it provides you with sufficient new ideas that can improve your business and gives a good impression of your existence in the market.
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Real Estate Industry in the DACH Countries – Flying out of the Squadron

The Flags of Germany, Switzerland and Austria
The real estate market in the D-A-CH region is one of the most attractive areas worldwide. Not only because it’s the largest in Europe but also because of its stability and quick development.
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5 Essential Features You Must Have in Your Construction Management Software

man holding tablet with both hands presenting hologram of a building
A construction management software is basically a project management tool that is designed for the construction sector workers. This software has made a revolution in how construction professionals reach their optimum productivity and efficiency.

Every day there is a new software or app on the market that solves one of the construction processes’ problems. The competitiveness is getting higher and between all these options you find it hard to decide which software will match your needs, and which important features will enhance your productivity.
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What is “PropTech” and How does it impact the Construction Industry?

Woman standing with hard hat and tablet, in front of buildings and various symbols of "digitalisation"
PropTech is the new definition for any technology related to the real estate and property management industry either in a software form as apps) or in a hardware form as sensors or materials. This industry has made a huge breakthrough since it started until now.
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2019: The Year of Female Empowering in the Construction Industry

Woman on construction site wearing hard hat
In this article, you’ll get introduced to the female contributions in the construction sector as leaders, agents, and engineers. What their challenges and barriers are and how they overcome them.
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Rental property management software – How Airbnb occupies the market in 2019

Apple iPhone 6s plus with Airbnb application on the screen
It’s dazzling and impressive how Airbnb is growing in the online market of rental property management services. This tremendous rise motivated many real-estate platforms like ipropertymanagement to analyze the companies’ global statistics. Find in this article some intriguing facts and how it will affect the market in 2019.
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From User-Centered to Participatory Design – Upgrade any Construction Management Project

man and woman stacking wood blocks on an office desk
We are living in the era of digitization. Every facility started to adopt new technological installments to follow this trend. However, there seems to be another trend positively affecting construction management projects.  Find out in this article how a different design approach influences team collaboration and resident satisfaction.
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How to use the Best Planner App for Android to design and renovate office buildings

Attractive businesswoman working on a tablet in the office.
The place where you spend more than a quarter of your life plays an important role in your mental and physical health. In addition to contributing to your working productivity. That’s why office buildings and working spaces started being renovated, to cope with the demands of an ever-evolving work environment. Find out why the cloud-based App PlanRadar is the tool to utilize.
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The Golden Age of Construction Software – 5 Technology Updates for 2018

Two people viewing city via VR glasses
The construction industry is on the cusp of a new era in utilizing different technologies in its working cycle. The challenge of eliminating the human error factor in construction is increasing with the growth of the construction sector. The difficulties that have faced the sector for decades as sharing project information, monitoring and tracking are on their way to be totally eradicated using construction software & updated technology tools.
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