7 Major builders risk categories and how they affect the delay of the construction project

builders risk
Construction projects are always unique. You never know where or when a defect will emerge; therefore, risk analysis continues to be a major part of a project’s success. A construction project always involves multiple participants either as organizations or as individuals. Different participants with different experiences and skills usually have different expectations and interests. This mostly will lead to a variation in the outcome and will affect the result of the project at the end. Risk management helps the project owner and contractor meet their commitments and minimize negative impacts on the construction project. Risk management will affect the project’s performance in relation to cost, time and quality.
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PlanRadar daily reporting app – How to get the best daily reports

daily reporting app PlanRadar
For those who don’t know PlanRadar – it’s a cloud-based construction management software and app for defect management and construction documentation. It saves you two hours rework time per one hour of inspection and saves your business about $ 9,000 USD a year (907% return on investment). Automated processes let you create construction documentation and daily reports in seconds, which you can even use in evidence cases!
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Top 15 construction management apps for 2017

construction management apps 2017
The construction industry and project management are becoming more and more mobile. While most employees own a smartphone and/or tablet, 50% of all construction companies spend their time using manual methods to manage their projects. For these companies, we have compiled a list of 15 awesome construction management apps and tools! Learn about the best mobile project management software solutions and how to use them for your own business.
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Blueprint App for cost efficiency on site up to 70%

PlanRadar blueprint app

PlanRadar‘s construction management software provides projects with a sweeping blueprint and floor plan management solution. Sharing, editing, and viewing blueprints has never been so easy! Our blueprint app allows you to directly locate all defects on the digital blueprint and cooperate with planners and subcontractors. Try PlanRadar for free, reduce costs up to 70% and give us a review about Your experiences!

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Which are the best construction apps for iPad?

construction apps for ipad

Did you ever think about using your iPad on site to make your life easier with a software app? Below, we will list and compare some of the best construction apps for your iPad, which will make your productivity skyrocket and help you with your projects on the field! We would like to share our experiences regarding the new business apps available for Apple devices with you. You might want to use free trial versions of construction and business apps to ease your job in 2017 and enrich management in your field of work.

What to expect from this article:

  • Which areas of construction management are already supported by apps?
  • What are the useful benefits of the different technology-based solutions?
  • Which business apps are free to use for Apple devices in 2017?
  • Which app offers you a customized solution for your field of work?
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PlanRadar Real Estate Project Management Software

project mamagement in construction
On the contrary to the modern industries that have tended to introduce automated mechanisms into manufacturing, construction engineering cannot take the same path. Each project has specific control parameters and schedules. Project managers are surrounded by situations in which decisions have to be made and each comes with their branching problems. The elements of the problems are numerous, and the interrelationships among the elements are entangled. Moreover, human factors and mentality represent a main segment of this circuit. Therefore, the ability to make valid decisions is becoming a very puzzling process.
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General building contractor – Top 5 secrets for a visionary leadership

happy craftsman

The general contractor represents the Unknown Soldier in the construction project. He is the one who supervises all the construction work, responsible for quality control, inspects and assures that all the work continues smoothly. A unique building does not rely only on imaginations and creative drawings. Of course, it’s important, but more importantly, those who bring those dreams into reality through hard work.

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Builders Warranty – Evaluating the risk of not managing risk

construction site
The beginning of a year is when most of us sit down to evaluate our insurance plans, our company portfolio, and our profit and loss reports. We prepare our business for the upcoming year. If you are a builder/owner then this should also be the time where you should review your past projects to foresee and avoid future problems. With PlanRadar you can easily do this with the click of a button.
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Construction management system boosts architect’s performance

Quality vs. Quantity

Why not everything from a single source? In any case, a construction project has many participants. Regardless of whether all work phases are covered by the architect himself or parts of the project are outsourced after planning. However, the client, who turns to a general contractor instead of an architect and also any architect who does not want to provide certain services himself, should think carefully about the consequences of this. PlanRadar strengthens the bound between the client and the architect with a new construction management system.

We will show you:

  • How to push quality if you are a building owner
  • How an Architect is going to support you in this,
  • And why it isn´t advisable to hand all phases to a general contractor.
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How to reduce stress using a project management construction software

stressed in the office
The construction sector has become one of the most important sectors on the economic map. In sectors like these, more often than not, this amounts to an increasing workload for the same time period. This inevitably leads to higher pressure and therefore puts higher levels of stress on the workforce. Because your health and wellbeing come first and in order to stay productive we´d like to introduce PlanRadar to you.
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