5 ways to boost construction productivity

construction leader
Although the construction industry is one of the world economy’s largest sector (around $10 trillion spent on construction yearly) that employs about 7 percent of the total world’s working-age population, it’s productivity “increase” is -0.32 percent per year. Nowadays, efficiency in the construction industry is even lower than it was in 1993.  In 2017 no less than 98 percent of all megaprojects slip by over 30 percent, more than 75 percent of the big projects suffer cost overruns by even 40 percent and more. If productivity could catch up with the global labor-productivity growth (2.8 percent) nearly $1.6 trillion would be added up to the construction sector (McKinsey).

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PlanRadar daily reporting app – How to get the best daily reports

daily reporting app
For those who don’t know PlanRadar – it’s a cloud-based construction management software and app for defect management and construction documentation. It saves you two hours rework time per one hour of inspection and saves your business about $ 9,000 USD a year (907% return on investment). Automated processes let you create construction documentation and daily reports in seconds, which you can even use in evidence cases!

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Top 15 construction management apps for 2017

construction management apps 2017
The construction industry is becoming more and more mobile. While most employees own a smartphone and/or tablet, 50% of all construction companies spend their time using manual methods to manage their projects. For these companies, we have compiled a list of 15 awesome construction management apps and tools!

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Construction daily report app – Get reports in minutes!

foreman with construction daily report app
Do you enjoy doing paperwork rather than being on the job site? We definitely don’t! But daily reports are important to know if a project is ahead or behind schedule. That’s why we created PlanRadar for construction documentation and defect management. Our easy to use cloud-based software and app provides you with daily reports that can even be used in the event of a contractual dispute.

“Every construction professional knows those time-consuming activities keeping you away from your job on the field. You probably spend up to 90 minutes daily for documentations and spreadsheets. PlanRadar helps you save two hours of rework time for every job-site inspection hour” – Domagoj Dolinsek, CEO PlanRadar.

In this article, we’ll show you how to track the progress on site and get access daily reports in just a few minutes – even better, how subcontractors partially create this documentation for you! No matter if you use a mobile device or if you’re working at your office. Get PlanRadar for free and let’s get started!

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PlanRadar software for construction and architecture shortcomings

software for construction
Normally, meetings are needed to communicate to all involved parties and avoid costly time-consuming misunderstandings. In the case of construction and maintenance projects efficient on-site building supervision is one of the most challenging tasks for every construction specialist, planning engineer, and building company. PlanRadar saves you long time-consuming meetings while providing all the necessary information needed for project management.

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5 easy-to-use construction apps for android

construction apps for android
There are countless construction apps for android on the market right now. All promise to help you manage projects more efficiently, but which app is right for you? If you’re on the market for a comprehensive software solution, we believe that one important feature trumps all others: a simple and easy-to-navigate app.

Here are five android apps which not only offer a wide range of productivity-enhancing features, they are also very user-friendly.

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Punch list app – How to boost efficiency on site!

digital blueprint displayed-in PlanRadar web application
PlanRadar’s punch list app boosts your efficiency during the construction and closeout phases. Our software informs you about important tasks and progress so you can take action as soon as possible. Save up to two hours of rework time for every jobsite inspection hour on the field!

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Construction tracking software – A guide of how to track and control your projects remotely!

PlanRadar construction tracking software
PlanRadar is a construction tracking software for defect management and construction documentation. It was created to establish a collaboration between all project participants on the job site while sharing the project’s and task’s status with everyone who is connected to the cloud based application.

While PlanRadar is automatically transforming all project details into daily logs and construction documentations it also allows you to manage your projects remotely and directly from the office! Our customers say that managing and tracking projects from the office will approximately save you 60 minutes a day.

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Quality assurance in construction: 5 golden rules for saving money

saving money in construction business with PlanRadar
Reputation, trust, and quality are the cornerstones of the construction industry for continuous growth. If you want to create customer confidence you must stand behind the quality of your work. But quality is nothing you create on your own – it’s a team effort. Every project member takes ownership in ensuring the highest level of quality. Planned and systematic actions, as well as flexibility regarding unforeseen events, are must haves to minimize construction costs while meeting all requirements.

Read in this article which aspects of quality assurance you should consider and how to deliver the highest level quality in construction by using PlanRadar construction software.

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Blueprint App for cost efficiency on site up to 70%

PlanRadar blueprint app
PlanRadar‘s construction management software provides projects with a sweeping blueprint management solution. Sharing, editing, and viewing blueprints has never been so easy! Our blueprint app allows you to directly locate all defects on the digital blueprint and cooperate with planners and subcontractors. Try PlanRadar for free and reduce costs up to 70%!

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