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All devices

The PlanRadar app is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices, as well as in the most popular browsers.

Easy ticketing

Create tickets with your mobile device directly on site. Add photo, text, and voice memo.

Direct communication

Assign a ticket directly to the responsible person who receives an automatic notification.

Digital plans

You can scroll through the blueprint without delay and always keep an overview.

Optimize your workflow and
reduce costs up to 70%

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A benefit for everyone

Speciality Contractor

Projects can only run smoothly when all team members understand their tasks. The PlanRadar platform ensures access to current plans, documents, appointments, and contacts. Contractors can consistently implement their project objectives through direct communication with their clients.

Facility management

Facility managers and owners are always up to date. The project team can do scheduled tasks with PlanRadar and create reports at the push of a button. Thus, you get all the information in one application and always keep a full overview of the construction site. PlanRadar works in real time.

External expert

Evidence determine processes! Despite its meaning, in practice the construction documentation and deficiency management often does not work optimally. PlanRadar facilitates the giving of evidence before and during a process through automated and complete pdf reports.

General contractor

PlanRadar provides clients and contractors a comprehensive project management platform for their cooperation and increases project efficiency by up to 70%. You can manage tasks, generate statistics and documentations, or simply perform security checks.


By simply logging into PlanRadar, owners can get valuable insights into their project’s progress, understand the financial impact of changes, andidentify bottlenecks–eliminating costly extensive changes. Detailed statistics provide information on the open and completed tasks of all your subs.

Architects & Engineers

PlanRadar provides a fast and efficient platform to distribute drawings and ensures your team is working according to the current plan. You receive features such as tickets, voice memos, or photos in real-time and you can react immediately if required. PlanRadar also works in offline mode.

Case studies

Bürokomplex Brennabor

Office block Brennabor

Structural engineering

Wohnpark 12

Wohnpark 12

Structural engineering

Styria Media Center

Styria Media Center

Structural engineering

Intensivstation LKH Bruck a. d. Mur

Intensive Care LKH Bruck a. d. Mur

Structural engineering

“Excellent buildings require efficient building documentation. PlanRadar enables our architects and engineers simple and rapid defect management, both on construction site and in the office.”

Univ.-Prof. Architekt DI Christoph M. Achammer, CEO of ATP architects

Univ. Prof. Architekt DI Christoph M. Achammer

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