The Cost of Rework in Global Construction

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Did you know that rework can account for more than 11% of your project costs? This is confirmed by our latest customer survey in 15 countries where PlanRadar is present. Inadequate document and quality control are often the causes of rework. However, digitisation helps to reduce these costs by more than 50%. Download our free eBook and we will show you how to start saving time in your site management thanks to digitisation.

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Why is rework an important issue for the sector?

PlanRadar collaborated with experts from 17 countries in which it operates to conduct comprehensive research. The objective of the project was to analyse the costs and ramifications of rework in the construction industry, along with strategies to mitigate it. The research encompasses findings from country-specific analyses and a customer survey that received over 2500 responses.

The findings reveal that a substantial proportion of project expenses can be attributed to on-site revisions, arising from factors such as inadequate document management, ineffective communication, and inadequate quality controls. Rework costs encompass not only financial expenditures but also have consequences for stakeholder relationships, company reputation, material wastage, and employee morale.

The construction industry can benefit from various digital solutions to reduce rework and its associated consequences. As a globally recognized software company specializing in construction, our objective is to comprehensively understand the impact of rework in the industry. We strive to identify its root causes and highlight key areas where digitalization can provide effective solutions.