Welcome to PlanRadar

PlanRadar is your tool to make building and real estate projects more efficient. In this quick guide you will learn more about the basic steps needed to use our software and how to use it to its fullest potential.


Two platforms, one goal

With PlanRadar, you drive forward productivity within your projects through the creation of tickets on digital blueprints. The software, available on desktop and mobile devices, works best hand-in-hand. Access via the website, in your office, for set up and project management. The mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows is used on site for monitoring and information collection.

Use both to maximise efficiency and collaboration.

PlanRadar Webapp

The PlanRadar Webapp is accessible through any desktop web browser, without installation. It enables you to create and organise projects, define templates for tickets, manage users, create reports, and analyse every aspect of your project.

To use the web version, simply log in via the button on the PlanRadar homepage.

PlanRadar Mobile App

The PlanRadar app is available for all mobile devices. With the app you can open existing projects, create and edit tickets, add comments and images, and create and sign reports.

Download the mobile app for