Manage PlanRadar users with the tap of a finger

Projects require the cooperation of many people. But not everyone involved needs to have the same level of access or insight.

With PlanRadar you can easily assign user roles to organise project members more efficiently.

Note: This guide is for the PlanRadar web version

1. Create user role

You can give all your in-house users specific user roles. For example, you can create a role for all your architects, site managers, or technicians. For each role you can define if the users within it can create, view, and edit projects, tickets, and documents.

To create a new user role, go to the menu item “Roles” in the left navigation bar, click on “Create new role”, and set the access rights.

2. Assign a user to a role

Assigning multiple users to a role guarantees that all of them work with the same kind of information. This helps avoid errors and miscommunication.

To assign a user group to a role, go to “Projects” in the left navigation bar, choose your project, and navigate to the “Add users” tab. Then, add an in-house user to your project and assign them to the desired user role.