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The highest paying jobs in construction in 2023

The construction industry is a major source of employment in Europe and includes a wide range of different occupations. Consequently, the requirements and the wages of the different jobs vary. Yet even the same jobs… Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Fire-Stopping

The Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs) of the Government of the United Kingdom reported 577,053 incidents in the year 2021/22 alone, resulting in 272 fatalities and 6000+ non-fatal casualties. Fire is a risk that anyone… Read more

NFC tags vs QR codes: which is better for construction?

For many years, the collection and the transmission of information on construction sites was dependent on visual inspections and manual procedures. However, this has started to change recently. Thanks to new and modern technologies that… Read more

The Best Inspection Reporting Software

Working as an inspector is no easy job. You have to visit remote locations or areas with safety risks to inspect equipment, property, and construction sites. Thus, inspectors are expected to pay attention to details… Read more

Asbestos at home? Everything you need to know

In the 20th century, it was seen as a wonder material for construction and industry: Asbestos. Soon, however, the health hazards became known and doubts were raised. It took a while for industry and politics… Read more

Homes of the Future: Research 2022 

In June 2022, PlanRadar conducted a research project into future trends, priorities and strategies for architecture and interior design according to leading industry voices in 12 countries. The questions were separated into three sections: the… Read more