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The basics of warehouse construction

Warehouses and logistics are areas of the construction industry that are currently booming. As a result of the pandemic, there has been an increase in online retail and commerce, leading to an increased need for… read more

Data centre servers
Data centre servers

How is data centre construction different to other projects?

While office building projects are likely to slow down due to COVID-19, construction of data centres is increasing. Increasing numbers of industries are using digital technology to collect data on their target customers and monitor… read more

Pametni dom
Pametni dom

The benefits of smart homes for UK housebuilders

Earlier this year, Plant Prefab, a US prefab construction company, reported its highest ever profit. The company’s stylish homes retail at around $600,000 and saw so much demand in 2020 that they had to turn… read more

How the New Homes Ombudsman affects builders

In October 2018, the government announced plans for a New Homes Ombudsman. After progressing through the consultation phase, an important next step happened on February 8th this year. The government launched its New Homes Quality… read more

Golden Thread in residential building
Golden Thread in residential building

The Golden Thread for UK housebuilders

The Golden Thread refers to a new kind of stringent digital record-keeping for construction projects. It aims to centralise building information and provide transparency about decision-making over the course of a building’s lifetime. It is… read more