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BIM adoption in Europe: 7 countries compared

PlanRadar is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) for construction and real estate projects that supports BIM technology. Originally developed in Austria in 2013, today PlanRadar has customers in over 50 countries. As a… read more

PlanRadar app scans NFC Tag
PlanRadar app scans NFC Tag

NFC tags vs QR codes: which is better for construction?

For almost all of history, gathering and sharing information about a building site relied on visual inspections and manual processes. But this is starting to change. A wide range of innovative technologies are altering how… read more

Are snagging surveys worth the time and cost?

There are plenty of companies that offer snagging surveys. They bring expertise from the construction industry and offer advice on what homeowners can ask contractors to fix. If you’re a small construction company, it can… read more