Construction Management Software

Track project progress, connect your team and solve issues to build it right, first time

Some of our successful customers

Some of our successful customers

Complete site management in one platform

In the build phase, stay on schedule with instant project progress updates that enable you to adapt your plan to today's work

Increase productivity

In the build phase, stay on schedule with instant project progress updates that enable you to adapt your plan to today's work

Oversee and document progress on-site via a mobile app designed for construction project management.

Link the office to project site

Oversee and document progress on-site via a mobile app designed for construction project management.

Reduce re-work with standard quality inspection forms, checklists, and reports.

Manage project quality with confidence

Reduce re-work with standard quality inspection forms, checklists, and reports.

Track project progress

Track project progress

Quickly see potential issues with construction tasks captured on the plan.

Instantly view activities with real-time status updates when completed or overdue. Monitor project progress with easy view charts.

  • Construction activity pinned to 2D plans or BIM models
  • Audio, photos, video, text notes and chat history stored all in one platform
Connect and collaborate to drive project success

Connect and collaborate to drive project success

Mobile communication built for the construction site ensures all project members understand what needs to get done each day.

Instant communication via tasks connects team members on-site and in the office. Push-notifications ensure fast decision making.

  • Add subcontractors for free to capture 100% communication
  • 15+ product languages enable your team to work most efficiently
Solve issues for a seamless build

Solve issues for a seamless build

Standardise inspection processes with custom checklists. Check hundreds of details in a single form, and add snags directly on the construction site via mobile.

Standard checklists, accessible by the whole team on any device, create data consistency and efficient processes for improved build quality.

  • Your checklists instantly available and automatically saved
  • Offline mode collects data in any environment and syncs as soon as your device is online again
Construction Progress Reports and Site Diaries

Construction Progress Reports and Site Diaries

Automate your site diary. Site diary templates export daily work into reports that meet industry standards or client requirements. Build handover reports directly on the site and share them from your mobile device.

Maintain a full audit trail of activities and project information in one platform.

  • Use a pre-built template, or upload your existing PDF template to digitise your paper trails
  • Store a complete record of site diaries safely in case of claims

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Project managers save up to 7 hours per week with PlanRadar

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How PlanRadar's Construction Management app benefits you:

Increased productivity. Latest plans, documents and updates at your fingertips, save hours tracking down information.

Reduced re-work. Standardise tasks and processes with fully flexible forms to prevent errors.

Remote operations. Sign off work completed from any location.

Manage your team with confidence. Permissions settings focus team members on only the information they need.

Secure data and file storage. No more lost documents, keep everything in the cloud.

Deliver completed projects. Manage all workflows from site reports to handovers to claims management and more.

Digital solutions are needed for efficient interdisciplinary collaboration between our teams. With PlanRadar, we ensure the smooth documentation and smart communication required for successful projects.

Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of Porr AG

Solutions for Construction Management

Task management

Task management

Assign tasks & set deadlines directly in PlanRadar, with subcontractors updating tasks for free.

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Build your snag list on a mobile device from the construction site. With a touch of a button, export snags into your snag lists report templates.

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Site inspections & safety audits

Site inspections & safety audits

Keep your process simple with flexible checklists – from fire safety to COVID-19 compliance and more. Use your time on-site efficiently.

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What is construction management software?

Construction management software is a project management tool that aims to automate and simplify processes, as well as link workflows and data across the project lifecycle. Such software makes teamwork more effective and productive and can be used for different types of projects including commercial, heavy industrial, engineering, institutional, and residential.

There are five main aspects you should pay attention to when choosing software for construction management:

  • Documentation management
  • Team connecting
  • Planning
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Mobile capabilities

A quality construction program combines multiple features and keeps a clear record so that everyone knows who is doing what and when. It’s vital to choose a top reputable construction management solution for your team. And PlanRadar is one of them. It successfully merges all 5 above-mentioned features and can boast a user-friendly web-based interface and customized mobile app. All of that allows you to work on the go and have access to the project from your mobile right at the construction site.

Continue with this article and learn how to implement this software in your workplace:

Why PlanRadar is the best construction project management software in Great Britain?

PlanRadar is an intuitive project documentation and defect management software solution for the construction business. All project participants can easily create a punch list, record defects with the smartphone or tablet, and assign them to the responsible subcontractor on the construction site.

PlanRadar enables construction professionals to collaborate on projects from any Internet-connected device with access to projects, defect data (photos, videos, memos, location on digital blueprints and more), drawings, and documentation saving up to 7 hours of work time weekly per construction project. Filter features allow a search for deadlines, tasks, subcontractors, and much more. PlanRadar is an enormous help and efficiency booster for the whole construction management team! iOS and Android apps available. Windows app is coming soon. Try PlanRadar for free!

Is there a free trial for PlanRadar’s construction project management software?

Yes! PlanRadar offers all potential customers a 30-day free trial so that they can test the software in action. During your free trial you can also request a free consultation, so our dedicated team can show you how you can get the best out of PlanRadar.

In addition, you can invite other subcontractors or project participants to your project. Before the test phase ends, you’ll receive a reminder email from us. If you decide not to subscribe to a package, you can still download your previous project data. Your account will automatically expire and there won’t be any costs to pay.

Is PlanRadar’s construction project management software suitable for small business?

PlanRadar’s construction project management solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. Small business can especially benefit from the low price (from € 26/month per month for a basic tariff plan that works for 1 project administrator and allows to upload up to 10 digital plans) and free access to the project for unlimited number of subcontractors.

Does PlanRadar support integrations with other construction software?

Yes, PlanRadar can be integrated with several other software solutions. PlanRadar offers an open API, so if there’s a specific integration that you’re looking for, there is usually a solution to achieve what you need. For plan management and document sharing, PlanRadar also integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Does PlanRadar have an office in United Kingdom?

Yes, we have an office in London. 71 Central Street London EC1V 8AB, +44 20 396 629 06.

Our sales team will be glad to meet you there and tell you more about our solution. Together with 30-day free trial and free demonstrations you will have enough information to choose best construction project management software. Come to the office to meet PlanRadar’s team in person.

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