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The Architecture of the Future: 2022 Research

In June 2022, PlanRadar conducted a research project into future trends, priorities, and strategies for architecture according to leading industry voices in 12 countries. In this introductory blog, we reveal some of the key findings… Read more

Top 20 Construction Design Software Solutions

Construction design software, also known as building design software or building information modeling (BIM) software serves as a platform for digital design and redesign of architectural projects. Such software has become indispensable in today’s digital… Read more

Modular construction in the US: a booming technology

At the Good Samaritan pediatric trauma center on Long Island, patients spend time recovering from treatment in a bright and airy, child-friendly atmosphere. The building, which won an international modular construction award in 2021, combines… Read more

Green building in the US: a simple guide

If you walk through the doors of Austin’s Central Library, you will find yourself in a prime example of green building in the U.S. The first thing you might notice in the Texas library is… Read more