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Build and operate infrastructure projects with ease

Deliver heavy civil construction projects on-time and on-budget

Over 150,000 users across 75+ countries are eliminating paperwork with PlanRadar

Manage the lifecycle of large-scale infrastructure projects

Connect complex project teams

Connect complex project teams

Centralize collaboration to ensure all team members can access the latest information, including 2D plans or BIM models, increasing productivity and reducing miscommunication..

Build intelligently

Build intelligently

Access real-time insights into project progress and redistribute resources to ensure project delivery, handovers and maintenance are efficient and cost-effective.

Create complete audit trails

Create complete audit trails

Document every decision made alongside all communication, including photo and video evidence. Guarantee compliance with regulations and save time on reporting.

The biggest advantage for us is that PlanRadar is intuitive to learn and all those involved can immediately see the status of tasks or defects. If a construction defect is stored with photos and a description, the construction company can document the progress of the repair with its own photos and thus inform all those involved at the same time.

Matthias Gerecke, Project Manager at Hamburg Port Authorities

Roads & Highways

Roads & Highways

Build and maintain highway infrastructure with ease, keeping traffic moving. With the ability to add geolocation tags to tickets, you can support high quality construction across miles of highways.

Bridge construction

Bridge construction

Whether you’re building road, rail or pedestrian bridges, use PlanRadar to ensure user safety and compliance with regulations. Create bespoke checklists and reports for bridge maintenance and due diligence to make sure that bridges in your area are always operating safely and at full capacity.

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Tunnel building & maintenance

Tunnel building & maintenance

Connect project teams in PlanRadar when completing complex tunnel construction projects. With an effective offline mode when working at depth or in areas without mobile reception, you can keep collaborating, no matter how deep your project goes.

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Energy & utilities

Energy & utilities

Keep the lights on with effective construction and maintenance tools for the energy industry. Build and operate facilities at all stages of the supply chain, from extraction to delivery, and use PlanRadar’s analytics and insights to manage preventative maintenance and respond quickly to repairs.

How PlanRadar’s heavy civil construction software benefits you:

Access information on-the-go.

Access information on-the-go. Keep live project information at your fingertips with apps for all iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Manage subcontractors.

Manage subcontractors. Give subcontractors access to the relevant areas of your industrial project, free of charge, for centralized collaboration.

Flexible data collection.

Flexible data collection. Create bespoke templates for data collection and reports and roll them out to all projects so statistics are consistent and comparable.

React in real-time.

React in real-time. More efficient inspections.

More efficient inspections.

More efficient inspections. Equip engineers and technical experts with custom forms and checklists to conduct site visits and minimize follow-up paperwork.

Ensure compliance.

Ensure compliance. Track all design changes and decisions made to ensure complete compliance with regulations.

Secure storage.

Secure storage. Safely store and access historic project data in the cloud for reliable record-keeping.

Solutions for heavy civil construction

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Identify defects and assign repairs to individuals or groups of subcontractors to ensure an efficiently delivered project. Add deadlines, priorities, plan locations, photographs and any other useful details exclusively in the app to avoid miscommunication.

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Inspections & due diligence

Inspections & due diligence

Conduct condition surveys and regular safety inspections of your heavy civil projects using bespoke checklists and report templates. Export data in moments, saving hours on reporting and recommendations.

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Evidence collection

Evidence collection

Ensure complete documentation of your infrastructure projects by adding photos, videos, voice notes and plan annotations to 2D plans or BIM models. Store evidence securely for future reference and in the event of claims.

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Why should I use infrastructure project management software?

Even relatively small infrastructure projects can be massively complex, with many different elements to take into account. They are also often publicly-funded, which means that project managers are held accountable for every action taken and every penny spent.

Infrastructure project management software supports project owners by giving them complete oversight into everything happening in a project. They can also use it as a central hub for communication, a place to store the results of inspections and a tool for reporting to senior stakeholders. This saves them time that they can better use responding to the needs of the site team, solving problems and optimizing the use of resources. Overall, infrastructure project management software should help you to confidently bring in your projects on-time and on-budget.

While a project manager can and should be using software to oversee their infrastructure construction projects, there are many other people who could benefit from using a platform or app to manage their work.

For example, site managers can use software to track the performance of subcontractors and decide when an intervention might be necessary. QSHE Managers can use project management software to manage health & safety on large-scale infrastructure projects. Even subcontractors can benefit from using task management software to keep track of their to-do lists and any completed work so that they can bill accurately and prove that their work has been signed-off.

PlanRadar’s flexibility means that it is suitable for all kinds of heavy civil construction projects. Civil engineers and construction companies have used PlanRadar to build bridges, renovate underground railway tracks and tunnels and to maintain motorway tunnels. We’re also used by offsite and modular construction professionals and other experts in modern methods of construction.

To find out more about how PlanRadar could work for your project, get in touch today.

When in the procurement process for an infrastructure construction project, you need to ensure that you pick the best project management software.

First, establish the features that your ideal software would offer. Does it need an offline mode? Do subcontractors need to access all or parts of the platform? Do you need a chat or communication feature? What kind of reports will you need to run?

Once you have established your list of essential features, consider a broad range of options – after all, there are a lot of infrastructure project management software products on the market. Use free trials and get custom demonstrations. Get a broad range of your team to join the trial, to see how they would use it. Consider other details, like how much set-up would be required and how much training would be needed for site teams.

Finally, select a shortlist and request pricing and final demonstrations. Once you’ve discussed the outcomes and opportunities, the best software solution for you should be relatively easy to identify.

Yes! PlanRadar supports integration with other software via our open API. We also integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Read more about integrating existing solutions with PlanRadar.

Yes, PlanRadar’s users can choose between working from 2D plans or interactive BIM models. Using a BIM viewer that is easy to navigate on mobile devices, you can give your whole team access to the extensive data that BIM offers, and enabling greater accuracy in data collection during a project. Our BIM viewer is compatible with IFC files and allows you to export BCF files to incorporate data collected on-site into your design software.

Learn more about PlanRadar’s BIM Viewer.

Yes! PlanRadar offers all users a 30-day free trial so that they can test the software in action. For infrastructure projects, we recommend that you first test PlanRadar alongside your existing workflow on a live project so that you can customize your tickets, checklists and reports before beginning on new projects.

During your free trial, you can also request a free consultation where our dedicated team of experts can show you how to get the best out of PlanRadar.

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