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"Whenever required, we contacted the PlanRadar team and found all communication with them to be efficient and very supportive. PlanRadar’s customer support was always at our disposal, and any issues were solved very quickly."

Darija Rascanin,

Design and Construction Manager, Delta Real Estate

Delta Real Estate: Turning a 19th Century Building into a Modern Hotel in Belgrade

How Delta Real Estate reduced reporting time by 81%

Delta Real Estate is a Serbian real estate company that specialises in the development, construction, and management of commercial and residential properties. Wanting to improve their communication and collaboration with clients and contractors they decided to work with PlanRadar.
Since implementing PlanRadar, Delta Real Estate has improved communication and collaboration between the different stakeholders involved in the construction process, reducing misunderstandings and delays. They’ve noted a significant decrease in the number of meetings held, as well as the number of emails. And to top it off, they’ve achieved an 81% decrease in working hours for reporting.

The challenge

PlanRadar was implemented by Delta for the first time during the reconstruction of a 19th century building in Belgrade’s pedestrian zone, turning it into the first boutique hotel in the company’s portfolio – Hotel Indigo, part of the InterContinental Hotels Group. The building on which the reconstruction works were taken is a cultural property of exceptional importance for the Republic of Serbia, which for Delta, as investors, represented both a challenge and an opportunity.

During the search for opportunities to improve and digitalise their business process, Delta’s innovation committee, responsible for the analysis and implementation of latest innovations across the business, learned about PlanRadar. The initial presentation piqued their interest, as they realised how aligned the platform was to their business needs. After detailed analysis and consideration of similar software, Delta opted for PlanRadar, thus starting a new phase in the digitalisation of their business.

The solution

Delta Real Estate implemented PlanRadar in the later design phase of the project. Knowing that PlanRadar would ensure modern business operations and elevate the way of working, the Delta team accepted and implemented PlanRadar very quickly for all communication and documentation preparation activities.

PlanRadar implementation enabled the facilitation and more efficient management of the complete process, especially for monitoring project progress, writing construction site reports and keeping record of potential delays in plans, which otherwise represent significant challenges. PlanRadar enabled Delta to digitally monitor the complete situation on the construction site daily, stay informed in real-time about progress on the construction site and learn if there were any delays in deadlines. Some of the most obvious improvements included a decrease in the number of hours people spent working on the project, easier and more flexible reporting from the construction site and higher level of transparency of data exchanged between project participants.

The benefits of using PlanRadar became apparent and PlanRadar was therefore quickly also accepted by other project participants. Delta management received positive feedback almost daily.

The Result

Delta’s team noted a significant decrease of number of meetings held, as well as a decrease in the number of emails. The biggest benefits were noted in relation to reporting, as before implementation of the software it took approximately two days for preparing a single report, while this reduced to only three hours after implementation of PlanRadar, representing an 81% decrease of working hours for reporting.

After recognising the benefits that PlanRadar provides in practice, including the acceleration and improved facilitation of business operations, Delta decided to consider its implementation on future projects. Only a few months later, PlanRadar was implemented in the building of Delta’s new office building – Delta House, as well as on the Delta Planet project, the project of the first shopping mall in the City of Niš.

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Delta Real Estate uses PlanRadar to support these tasks

Task management

Task management

By tracking all work in PlanRadar, Delta Real Estate were able to monitor progress and intervene early if needed.

Task assignment
Insights & Statistics

Insights & Statistics

Data collected by site teams filters straight through into customisable statistics boards, helping the team get a better picture of progress

Project analysis & insights


With PlanRadar's flexible report templates, Delta Real Estate were able to reduce time spent on reporting by 81%

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