Software for Fleet Management & Maintenance

Seamless operation of vehicles & equipment

Automate fleet operation and keep vehicles and equipment running efficiently

Over 150,000 users across 75+ countries are eliminating paperwork with PlanRadar

Manage and maintain vehicles and fleets

Increase productivity

Increase productivity

Eliminate paperwork and streamline processes for your fleet maintenance and management teams, saving them up to 7 hours per week.

Ensure quality

Ensure quality

Maximise the lifespan of your vehicles with regular maintenance and swift action on necessary repairs or part replacements

Deliver value to clients

Deliver value to clients

Monitor all activities, communicate and coordinate efficiently, identify delays, use resources optimally and reduce waste

PlanRadar saves time, improves the quality of work and how we communicate with our customers!

Shipbuilding & Maintenance

Shipbuilding & Maintenance

Efficient construction management and maintenance of all watercrafts from sailing yachts to container ships. Shipbuilders and ship maintenance services ensure the highest manufacturing quality and on-time delivery.

Railway fleet management

Railway fleet management

Support the complex workings of railway infrastructure. Manage passenger trains, freight cars and specialist machinery for the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure.

Aircraft management & maintenance

Aircraft management & maintenance

Keep track of your fleet and schedule servicing, inspections, testing, and repairs of aircraft during line maintenance, heavy maintenance, and shop or component maintenance.

Lorries, vans & cars

Lorries, vans & cars

Streamline vehicle processes to improve profitability, prevent downtime and lengthen asset lifespan from rental cars to light commercial vehicles to class 1 lorries.

How to benefit from PlanRadar:

Mobile app.

Mobile app. Perform data collection, information processing and reporting with any mobile device on Android, iOS, and Windows.

 Centralised communication

Centralised communication Streamline communication between teams and external contractors.

Unified data structure.

Unified data structure. Work with multimedia data that is recorded and linked according to uniform schemes.

Secure data storage.

Secure data storage. All data is stored securely in the cloud in accordance with GDPR.

Efficient reporting.

Efficient reporting. Digitise your paperwork and create complete reports at the push of a button.

Offline mode.

Offline mode. Enable your team to work digitally, even in locations without WiFi signal or a mobile connection.

Solutions for efficient maintenance and management of vehicles and fleets.

Task management

Task management

Assign tasks to teams and contractors, set deadlines, and track the status of work on vehicles and fleets in real time.

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Digital reporting

Digital reporting

Create complete reports as a PDF at the touch of a button. The appearance and content of documents can be freely adapted to your wishes and requirements.

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Maintenance management

Maintenance management

Plan and coordinate routine inspections and maintenance works. Create custom checklists, record issues, and prioritise tasks.

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What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software allows a fleet manager to easily access, monitor, and evaluate relevant information on the performance of their fleet. It makes fleet management more efficient and helps to save time and drive down costs. Fleet management software supports users in the following areas:

  • Vehicles, parts, and invetory
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Fuel and emissions
  • Driver management
  • Accident and risk management
  • Regulatory and legal compliance
  • Budget and forecasting

Fleet management software makes your working life easier by increasing efficiency and giving you more insight into the things that matter. These are some of the key benefits:

  • Simpler processes. Fleet management software reduces complexity by pooling all relevant data in one place. It also facilitates communication and coordination of multiple persons and businesses.
  • Improved inspection and maintenance workflows. Streamline inspections and maintenance work by digitising data recording, keeping you teams in sync and tracking work performance.
  • Digitised fleet metrics. Avoid tedious paperwork and always keep an eye on the most important key figures and current developments thanks to real-time data. Use this information to make objective decisions and create complete reports at the push of a button.
  • Integration with other software solutions. Use the collected information and benefit from additional synergies. With fleet management software like PlanRadar, integration with other software solutions is easy and efficient thanks to webhooks and open API.

Most fleet management software costs range from around £20 to £30 per vehicle. Others such as PlanRadar’s basic license are available for as little as £23 and enable the storage of up to 10 vehicle plans. The exact costs usually depend on the following factors:

  • Providers
  • Scope of the product
  • Selected software package
  • Size of the fleet

Every fleet operator in the United Kingdom is different. So, it makes sense that some fleet maintenance software solutions suit one business better than others. To decide which is best for you, consider exactly which teams and which tasks you want to manage in a single platform. When researching potential software solutions, ensure that they offer as many of your “must-have” features as possible.

In the next step, you contact various providers and use test versions to get a comprehensive picture of the respective products. Also include feedback from future users in your evaluation. In the last step, list all the advantages and disadvantages of each software along with prices, training needs and other requirements in order to make an informed decision.

Thanks to the latest cloud technology, you always have unlimited access to all the information you have stored, which you can also export at any time if you wish. PlanRadar complies with ISO 27001 for data security.

Yes. PlanRadar is optimized for use on all mobile devices on Android, iOS, and Windows. With PlanRadar’s fleet management app and fleet maintenance app, you have full access to all relevant information at any time and from anywhere in order to ensure smooth operation.

Yes! Simply register via our website for a 30-day free trial. Alternatively, request a bespoke consultation from one of our industry experts who can demonstrate how PlanRadar works for fleet management.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our product, our UK support is at your disposal. You can reach us either at the number +44 20 396 629 06 or at the e-mail address [email protected]. We look forward to talking to you!

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