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Deliver results on time and on-budget

Deliver results on time and on-budget

Reduce errors and prevent delays with task management, plan sharing and real-time dashboards in a single platform.

Ensure high quality construction and smooth handovers

Ensure high quality construction and smooth handovers

Catch defects from day 1 with thorough quality assurance and maintain a complete audit trail for straightforward handovers.

Collaborate with your whole team

Collaborate with your whole team

Assign tasks, set deadlines, and communicate for simple team oversight. Include subcontractors free of charge.

We are very impressed with the ease of use on the go and the good clarity in the app. The 3D view and easy navigation within BIM models enable faster and more detailed identification and communication of facts.

Centralised communication across sites and offices

Centralised communication across sites and offices

Collaborate with the entire project team in a single platform. Share building plans, oversee tasks, and keep a complete log of all work.

Real-time insights and project dashboards

Real-time insights and project dashboards

Get instant updates via PlanRadar’s statistics boards or dig deeper by exporting data into customisable reports. Actively monitor project status and performance with transparent data.

Stress-free subcontractor management

Stress-free subcontractor management

With unlimited free subcontractor accounts, manage teams of all sizes with ease. Read receipts and user metrics let you track when external contractors received their work orders and took action – saving you multiple phone calls and emails.

Schedule tasks to keep projects on-track

Schedule tasks to keep projects on-track

Add existing tasks in PlanRadar to a Gantt chart, providing clear oversight of all activities. Understand dependencies and identify resource conflicts. Easily drag and drop project changes to spend less time updating your schedule and more time on-site.

Share, Sync and Store Documents Digitally

Share, Sync and Store Documents Digitally

Whether it’s the latest blueprints, an updated BIM model, installation instructions or OSHA training materials, upload the documents you want to share and they’ll be available to your whole team on all devices, right away.

Efficient site inspections

Efficient site inspections

Set up protocols to collect standardised data on every site visit – from pre-construction checks to progress inspections and OSHA compliance checks. Avoid all post-site processing with easy-export reports from your mobile device.

PlanRadar’s tools for general contractors

Simple subcontractor management.

Simple subcontractor management. With unlimited free subcontractor accounts, get immediate insight into their work on-site.

Efficient quality control.

Efficient quality control. Monitor tasks and defects, manage deadlines, and approve completed work.

Centralised communication.

Centralised communication. A single location for all questions, clarifications and RFIs.

Document management.

Document management. Reduce mistakes by ensuring the whole team works from the latest information.

Clear oversight.

Clear oversight. Instant notification of missed deadlines. Resolve problems, wherever you are.

Flexible progress tracking.

Flexible progress tracking. The metrics you need, in the format you want them.

Solutions for General Contractors

Construction daily reports

Construction daily reports

Create daily construction logs on a mobile device while moving around your site. With just a few clicks, compile and export reports, avoiding extra time in the office.

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Punch lists

Punch lists

Build your punch list on a mobile device from the construction site. Export items and updates into punch list report templates at the touch of a button.

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Site inspections & safety audits

Site inspections & safety audits

Keep your process simple with flexible checklists – from OSHA regulations to COVID-19 compliance and more, use your time on-site efficiently.

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Why do I need specialised general contractor software?

These days, it is almost essential for general contractors to use software that is specially designed for their day-to-day tasks. While construction contractors have mostly graduated from pen and paper to Excel spreadsheets, general contractor software supports specific needs like distributing plans or site safety guidance, monitoring budgets, or managing subcontractors. Unlike general project management software, products that are designed for construction are able to handle files for architects’ drawings or BIM models and are also easy to use on a mobile device from a building site. Overall, they can save building contractors time and money by improving communication, reducing the number of mistakes and allowing project managers to better manage their resources. Read more about the benefits of general contractor software.

Yes! If your business is a relatively small contractor, general contractor software can revolutionise the way you work. With fewer people, you need to work smarter. Contractor software can automate or streamline some of your tasks – from client reports to filing health & safety records. With those saved hours, you can work on your other important tasks. That means that you can work as effectively as large contractors. PlanRadar’s flexible pricing system offers different packages for different needs. Licences also include free subcontractor accounts, so going digital can be extremely cost-effective for small contractors.

The best construction contractor software is the one that fits your requirements. If you don’t need an accounting system built in, then there’s no point spending more money on a product that includes one. However, if you already have an accounting system, you might want to pick a contractor software that integrates smoothly with your existing software. You don’t need a big IT team to choose an effective general contractor software. All you need is an understanding of what you want to achieve and how. Then you can research and test multiple options. The one that’s easiest to use, contains all the necessary features and promises to be cost-effective is the building contractor software you should choose.

Yes! PlanRadar offers users a 30-day free trial so that they can test the platform in real-world situations. You can create your own projects and invite subcontractors to get a feel for how it would work for your business. Alternatively, you can request a free consultation, so our expert team can show you how to get the best out of PlanRadar.

PlanRadar is designed to be used by general contractors’ internal teams, plus their subcontractors and any other stakeholders. Licences include the ability to invite an unlimited number of subcontractors to your project, free of charge. That means subcontractors just need to download the free app to see any jobs you assign to them, any relevant plans or other information they need to work. They can also communicate with a site manager if they need more materials, resources or information, and they can send photo and video evidence when they’ve completed a task. You can also create groups of subcontractors, which is useful when you have hired an external company but aren’t sure which individuals will be on-site every day. Just assign a job to all carpenters, for example, and they’ll all get notified. Read more about managing subcontractors with PlanRadar.

PlanRadar is used by some of the world’s largest general contractors, including CBRE, ARUP and BAM. We’re in constant communication with our customers, whose feedback helps us to keep improving our platform. Additionally, we ensure that our customers’ data and project information is always secure. We comply with ISO 27001 for information security management.

Yes! PlanRadar offers an open API and webhooks, so if there’s an integration you need, there’s likely to be a solution. You can find more information about integrating your other solutions with PlanRadar here.

Yes! We have 11 offices across Europe with local teams to support your experience. We also work with verified Sales Partners in dozens of countries around the world, making sure that our customers are almost always able to speak to experts in their own language. You can get in touch with one of our international teams for a personal consultation.

Key Terms – Construction Contractors


A formal proposal submitted by a contractor or subcontractor to provide specific services or complete a project at a stated price.

A formal document that outlines any modifications, additions, or deletions to the original scope of work in a construction project.

The final phase of a construction project that involves completing all documentation, obtaining approvals, and transferring the project to the owner.

A group of professionals, including contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and laborers, working collaboratively to complete a construction project.

The sequence of tasks in a construction project that determines the shortest possible duration for completing the project.

Also known as a General Contractor. A primary construction professional responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of a construction project, including coordinating subcontractors, materials, and timelines.

A significant point or stage in a construction project, often marked by the completion of a specific task or the achievement of a specific goal.

Detailed architectural and engineering drawings that depict the design, layout, and specifications of a construction project. Also known as blueprints.

The process of planning, executing, and controlling all activities within a construction project to ensure its successful completion on time and within budget.

A final checklist of tasks and items that need to be completed or corrected before a construction project can be considered finished.

Guidelines and protocols designed to ensure the safety of workers, the public, and the construction site during project execution.

The process of creating a timeline and sequence of tasks for a construction project, ensuring efficient use of resources and timely completion.

A detailed description of the tasks, responsibilities, and objectives of a construction project, outlining what needs to be accomplished.

An assessment of the construction site to evaluate its conditions, potential challenges, and requirements before starting work.

A specialized contractor hired by the general contractor to perform specific tasks or provide services within a construction project.

The process of submitting documents, materials, or samples to the client, architect, or engineer for approval before their use in the construction project.

A process that seeks to optimize project costs and performance by reviewing and suggesting alternative materials, methods, or designs.

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