Refurbishment of the Riedmatt Shopping Center, Rümlang

UCW AG, Oberglatterstrasse 35, CH-8153 Rümlang
€14 million
36,000 m2
Rümlang, Switzerland
The Swiss company Lippuner EMT AG was the general contractor for the renovation of the Riedmattcenter Rümlang, responsible for the planning and final execution of building services. The revitalization of the 36,000m2 site included the renovation of some areas, conversion of others, and the construction of new commercial areas, sports facilities, offices and logistics areas. In the course of the refurbishment, Lippuner EMT AG also carried out a range of improvements for commercial tenants, planning and executing those tasks. The project took over 4 years and during this time all of the company's departments were involved at different phases of the project. Statement from Lippuner EMT AG: The administration of defects and outstanding issues via PlanRadar has been very useful, especially when accepting and logging defects for various building components such as basic and tenant improvements where a range of customers, site managers, planners and contractors were involved.