Did you ever think about using your iPad on site to make your life easier with a software app? Below, we will list and compare some of the best construction management apps for your iPad, which will make your productivity skyrocket and help you with your projects on the field! We would like to share our experiences regarding the new business apps available for Apple devices with you. You might want to use free trial versions of construction and business apps to ease your job in 2017 and enrich management in your field of work.

What to expect from this article:

  • Which areas of construction management are already supported by construction management apps?
  • What are the useful benefits of the different technology-based solutions?
  • Which business apps are free to use for Apple devices in 2017?
  • Which app offers you a customized solution for your field of work?

construction apps for ipad

PlanRadar – Best software app for evidence backed documentation

PlanRadar provides a mobile application for all involved parties during a building´s construction, to efficiently identify, track and document construction defects for verification purposes. The entire team – from the expert to the craftsman – can simultaneously record defects on the construction site using a Smartphone or tablet, locate them on the digital construction plan, and assign them to the appropriate subcontractors for processing. Our Software will store your information in a cloud. Test PlanRadar 30 days for free!

Each individual ticket is chronologically recorded on the platform and enables the entire project to be monitored without being present on the construction site. PlanRadar increases the efficiency for contractors and subcontractors by up to 70%, making projects more economical for clients while offering great help to the management. You can use our mobile app for your projects from anywhere.

PlanRadar provides supporting features within a novel interface. All relevant planning documents like a floorplan or sectional view can now be updated, retrieved, digitized and stored in a cloud online at any time as well as in offline mode. In 2017, PlanRadar has been compared with other business apps, won the MIPIM summit in NYC and was voted one of the best Proptech companies worldwide!

OSHA Safety – A guideline to save lives

In 1970 the Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure good and safe working conditions and assemble standards by providing training, education, and assistance. OSHA Safety App is now available to share this information with a total view of an Apple device.

Industrial accidents in 2017 caused up to 3% of the arising costs during construction work on the field. In the case of large building projects, this leads to vast expenses which could have been avoided by implementing safety regulations.

OSHA Safety App is helping you with this. It includes the full text of the OSHA Regulations for General Industry, Construction and Business, which cover most workplaces. With OSHA Safety you are going to stay updated with the latest regulations and news on the Apple interface. It doesn´t require internet access and can be used at any place and any time from your mobile device. The potential of work facilitation, as well as danger prevention in the area of technical and structural maintenance and construction, is enormous. Share OSHA Safety with your contractors to support the security level.

Got a new job or projects? Have a view of the app store and check for available assistance.

Construction Daily Log App – For your Daily reports

As part of the construction site management, planners and contractors usually have to do their daily reports considering everything that happened after work. This is absolutely necessary to archive the building progress and ensure a provable documentation, to have an overview of what takes place, to create a working structure and ease processes. There is a new business app for this.

Snappii`s Construction Daily Log mobile app is a simple management software able to create professional daily reports about your projects in a short time. It is used by project managers and owners to simplify their work and safe resources by providing a one-page form which asks you to only fill in the sections you need.

By using your smartphone’s microphone this Construction Daily Log mobile app will even translate your voice into written text. Do not gather your information after work, instead put it on record simultaneously.

OnSite Time Trackert

OnSite brings great support to all subcontractors on the construction site. It helps you to calculate your working time in a comprehensible way. This construction management app can be useful to contractors, consultants, lawyers, interior designers and every other kind of craftsmen.

You can now easily track and view your hourly pay and create a bill by using this worktime summary. OnSite is even able to automatically track your -specified locations- and record the time you spend on site from arrival till departure.

They are using the same location-aware technology as the Apple reminder app which allows an accurate tracking within 3 to 5 minutes on average. Your working time can be summarized by the hour, day, week or month. You can export your data via email or Dropbox in CSV and PDF format and use it without further administrative efforts.

Stay safe from miscalculation and discounted working hours. If you want to strengthen your project’s efficiency also consider trying the OnSite Punchlist App. Got a new job? Have a view of the app store and check for assistance.

GenieBelt – Virtual Project Room

Here you will find another platform which synchronizes construction professionals. The Main task of a VPR (Virtual Project Room) is to support collaboration and file sharing. GenieBelt App is designed to synchronize all project participants seamlessly and widen the desktop platform. GenieBelt will store your project information in a cloud and make it accessible to you from your Apple device for an easy project management.

It lets you communicate with your project team and share documents and files while optimizing all processes through time management. A new software for construction and controlling manager.

The biggest benefits offered are:

  • communication in real time
  • well-arranged time schedule with start and end date
  • addable notifications like comments/photos
  1. v. Construction Manager App


Joist App for Contractor

Joist app is concentrating only on the needs of contractors. Its main field of action is to create professional estimates and invoices. Therefore, it gives you a form which can be filled with information regarding your company like your logo etcetera.

Furthermore -Joist- allows you to attach a client contract and collect his signature directly on the spot. You will save time completing your work on the job site instead of spending your evenings and weekends catching up on paperwork. Credit Card and E-Check Payments can directly be completed by your clients through the app.

It is an all in one client management tool to organize your job.

Which are the best construction apps for iPad now?

As in any other area of everyday life, web applications have now spread across a wide range of professional businesses to change our point of view and facilitate workflows. It is not surprising that the famous phrase: time is money becomes even truer as time goes on. In the real estate sector, such applications are called -PropTechs-, a word that is composed of two parts, -property and technology-.

Your choice of the right -PropTech Software- depends on your needs and the construction phase. There are many applications on the market trying to optimize the workflow of every project participant in the construction business. During the construction phase, clients often use -PlanRadar- for construction supervision and preservation of evidence. Whether you are a contractor interested in tracking and minimizing your working hours -OnSite Time Tracker- and -Joist- are the right choice for you. Check the app store for new and free business solutions, constructions apps and innovative software to stay up to date.

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