The construction industry is facing a problem that could not be bigger. The success of a company, especially when it comes to building an object, depends above all on the people who work on it.

Training programs are dime a dozen. Universities are breeding the next generation of managers without covering the actual demand. A growing industry needs not only a leading edge but, most importantly, strong hands and manpower to move businesses forward.

Construction companies need workers, but what if no qualified employees can be found?

We will explain to you:

  1. Why construction programs are not able to meet the demand for workers in the construction industry,
  2. What potential trainees really have,
  3. Why this potential is not being exploited, and
  4. Why this means you must put a stop to the current development.

Three generations of construction workers on site

Construction companies are not necessarily training companies. With the right software, you can still integrate lesser qualified workers into your processes without compromising on quality. PlanRadar helps you with this!

The demand is there and growing steadily!

The information is contradictory. On the one hand, according to the AGC, 70% of construction companies in the United States have great difficulty finding qualified employees; on the other hand, this is precisely where the unemployment rate is highest.

US labour statistic construction industry

We can also find information on this on the Statistics platform Statista. With an unemployment rate of 9.7%, only the agriculture industry is worse off than the construction industry. Here it is 7.4% nationwide on average. We must, therefore, conclude that although there is a need for qualified workers, those who are available are often dismissed as unsuitable and are not hired. So, if the traditional methods, i.e. the training centers, are not able to meet demand, what can be done?

We are guided by the information provided by Constructconnect, which has conducted research into the growth or demand for certain professions on the construction site and in construction companies. Here is a picture of which training occupations will be needed most by 2026, according to estimates.

The Construction Equipment Operator – 12 % growth in demand

They guide the heavy construction machinery and are therefore the foundation of rapid progress. The area of responsibility may include cranes, caterpillars, bulldozers and similar machines.

The Plumber – growth in demand 16

Everything that has to do with water and the laying of pipes is the installer’s responsibility. The functioning infrastructure of an object depends on his work.

The Mason – 12 % growth in demand

Without the bricklayer, there are no supporting walls and therefore no building structures. The work of a Mason is the basis of all work on the building site. If he’s missing, construction will stop.

The Elevator Installer – 12% growth in demand

Especially with larger projects, the development of the floors and accessibility play a decisive role. Specialists in this field are responsible for ensuring that people can move from one floor to another in a building and that no congestion occurs.

The Glazier – 11% growth in demand

We have known the skeleton construction method in architecture since the modern age. Steel, concrete, and glass have become the components of every contemporary skyscraper. However, if the glazier is missing, the windows in the object are also missing…

The Solar Photovoltaic Installer – 105 % growth in demand

For the sake of our environment, the demand for green and sustainable solutions is also growing in the construction industry. Using solar energy and maintaining the technology behind it is becoming more and more important!

The Ironworker – 13 % growth in demand

Just like the glazier, the steelworker is one of the pillars when it comes to building structures that project far into the air.

Construction workers – 13% growth in demand

Most of the work on site is carried out by construction workers under the supervision of a foreman. They make up the majority of employees on the construction site and support all specialists in their work. Especially here, PlanRadar can be a great support for you. Our trial version is available to you free of charge for 30 days!

Construction software programs instead of construction programs?

Of course, it is not possible to replace all training occupations and the associated training courses with the application of a single software on the construction site. But if we can draw a conclusion from the listing of increasing demand until 2026, it is that construction workers are particularly important. They don´t make up the largest weighted percentage, but they are the largest occupational group on the construction site in absolute figures.

So: Let us focus on the construction worker and how you can meet your companies’ needs!

Start working with the tools that appeal to the younger generation! Over the years, schools have prepared children for university careers, no wonder there is now a shortage of workers. But what exactly unites this young generation? The Millennials are characterized by a high affinity to modern technologies, whether trained or not. So, build on this foundation and integrate software into your organization that allows you to easily assign work and tracks its completion without having to stand next to your protégé as a traditional trainer. You now can assign responsibilities to newcomers, which are usually meant for more experienced employees, and follow their work on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Accompany your employees on their way to an experienced employee on the construction site!

Millennials are technology-oriented and will be able to quickly integrate themselves into digitized processes in your company. You, in turn, retain an overview and benefit from a new resource. By investing in PlanRadar you can balance out missing experience and recruit beginners without hesitation.

PlanRadar – Construction project software for employees

Teamwork is fundamental and one of the most important pillars of a functioning corporate structure. With PlanRadar you can assign work to any person based on the construction plan stored in our interface. The functions of the software allow you to add “tickets” to the plan, which contain information about a specific work order. This information includes voice messages, texts, images, responsibilities, deadlines and much more. The contractor, who is a user on the platform as well, will start work and will be able to document each of the steps he has completed with photographs and a percentage of completion.

As soon as the status of a task changes, all participants are informed of this via direct notification. As an employer, you retain the same overview as the foreman and other colleagues. The principle “two heads are better than one” will benefit you here. The complete and conclusive documentation of all steps that your protégé has taken secures you and at the same time makes it possible for you to keep track of everything, whether in the office or on the move, without being on site personally.

Construction field management software qualifying workers

In search of new opportunities, on how to be able to rely on high-quality work in the long term, there are several ways to integrate good labor into your company:

  1. Do not wait with advertising your vacancies until you are in an acute search. The number of applicants will grow as you give it more time. More applicants also mean more choice for you. Start thinking ahead.
  2. Do not limit your search criteria for workers too much. Skills, age, and experience are important but can be complemented in part by the right software.
  3. Conduct interviews thoroughly so that you not only get an impression of the qualifications, but also the personality of the worker you want to integrate into your company.
  4. Make your company interesting for your future employees. Ensure a good working atmosphere as well as punctual and appropriate salary payments.
  5. Do not close yourself off from new technologies. Especially the younger generation will benefit from the implementation of these. So, make use of these means!
  6. With the support of PlanRadar software, you can promote the career of your future employees and their training without being a training company. This makes you interesting for employees.
  7. After hiring new employees, make every effort to ensure complete communication and documentation of all steps on the construction site. PlanRadar also sets new standards here and networks all those involved in construction in order to be able to react quickly to any unforeseen event.


Take the next step towards a secure future for your company and your employees!

PlanRadar is offering construction software for small builders as well as for large-scale projects and big companies searching for a commercial or residential contractor software. We concentrate on a complete documentation of all construction steps and consistent defect management.

PlanRadar can be quickly and easily integrated into your processes and can provide you with excellent support in training new employees. Communication, process optimization, and quality management – from planning to acceptance – are our expertise. If you have read our article so far and still have questions, please contact us now or try our free 30-day trial version. We look forward to hearing from you!