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"The relationship that we have developed with Plan Radar and the extensive understanding of the digital platform has allowed FCS to continually improve and develop their final product, ensuring that our clients receive only the best end product."

Jon Holt,

Director of Operations at FCS

Fire Consultancy Specialists: ensuring a high service quality with a Golden Thread of information

Fire Consultancy Specialists are trusted independent Fire Consultancy experts who are dedicated to building a safer for everyone. Headquartered in Nottingham, with a combination of 20+ years in the Fire Safety and compliance industry, their expanding team is led by Joe Allen, Technical Director, and Jon Holt, Director of Operations.

FCS have vast experience across the industry and provide expert guidance on the most current standards in fire safety regulations to have an impact on the Fire Safety and Engineering sectors. They are committed to bringing a leading and cutting edge to everything they do by employing the latest knowledge and technological advances.

The company’s expertise is characterized by Fire Consultancy Specialists winning the “Best Emerging Fire Safety Consultancy” Midlands 2022 award.

The challenge: greater efficiencies and transparency from a streamlined service

Fire Consultancy Specialists were looking to increase transparency and quality-of-service provided to clients as their business scaled. They wanted to achieve this in a way that provided better efficiencies and an enhanced valuable service for clients.

The Directors at FCS wanted to have a flexibility in their offering that meant they could give a completely bespoke service to their clients. This would cover Fire Risk Assessments in part or the whole premises, fire dampeners, compartmentation surveys, fire door inspections all the way through to Asset Management. As Joe Allen, Technical Director, mentioned “The PlanRadar platform has enabled FCS to build closer and deeper relationships with their clients”. Being able to adhere to the capturing the ‘Golden Thread of Information’ for their clients was key to aligning how FCS can be trusted in delivering a top service.

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The solution: making fire safety procedures more transparent and efficient with PlanRadar’s digital platform

While reviewing suitable software platforms, it soon became strategically evident to the Directors at FCS that Plan Radar was the Digital Platform of choice due to the flexibility, transparency, and efficiency it would provide their operatives and clients. They found the ability to accurately record wide ranging and key information across several fire safety disciplines, proves invaluable on a daily basis.

FCS have worked tirelessly to develop both their data and fire survey recording in addition to the automated report formats that are provided to clients with unprecedented results.

As a result of our partnership, Fire Consultancy Specialists have utilised our adaptable digital software on over 90 different live projects.

The outcome: cost savings, compliance and the quality of service provided to FCS clients

Fire Consultancy Specialists pride themselves on completing projects to the highest of standards. Some of the areas they aimed to gain better outcomes from was increased efficiencies. The PlanRadar solution has enabled them to do so, in addition to providing greater cost-savings for their clients. Due to the increased Fire Safety legislation brought in by UK government, FCS have been able to use the PlanRadar platform to ensure that the golden thread is weaved into all building safety information giving a tamperproof trail and peace of mind to their clients.

With PlanRadar’s platform functionality, FCS have been able to embark on developing projects which are being used to carry out retrospective and new Design & Build Safety cases. This is significant as it is a requirement under the new Building Safety Bill coming into effect in April 2023 on all High-Rise Residential buildings. This is tied in with the requirement to retain information on the fire safety measures of the building to give a Golden Thread of information through all projects.

Fire Consultancy Specialists use specifically designed ticket formats to inspect all passive fire protection systems for new design and build projects. They are currently being used on schools, hotels, designer outlets, student accommodation and so on. Furthermore, FCS inspect onsite and provide detailed reports to ensure that the new builds are compliant, and that work completed is to a certified standard.

PlanRadar allows FCS to provide high end compliance sign off which are used to verify fire door installers. Another way PlanRadar has helped FCS improve what they do is in the installation of NFC tags where required which provides clients with an asset management function, reducing the time it takes to carry out inspections and helping to reduce cost of this activity for the following year.

FCS continue to embed Plan Radar into their provision of services and complete all Fire Risk Assessments, Damper, Intumescent Paint, Fire door and PFP surveys universally within the digital platform, providing clients with an unparalleled final product and service.

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Fire Consultancy Specialists use PlanRadar for the following tasks:

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

The platform means FCS FRAs can record findings onsite and capture the evidence. The findings are able to be accessed on the digital platform from where any defects, photo evidence is provided, and the ticket reassigned ensuring the FRA is current and updated. The platform streamlines FCS client’s processes allowing them to focus their energy on delivering their expertise.

Fire Safety Management
Photo & Video Documentation

Photo & Video Documentation

FCS record any significant findings onsite and captures the evidence using the photo function and records. Photo and video evidence are used in the platform to show any defects have been rectified on work, surveys, assessments that have been carried out. The platform is used to capture live photo and video evidence with just one tap. FCS uses of the platform to record video and integrate BIM are essential for their data collection in line with the Golden Thread of Information.

Photo documentation
Fire Door Maintenance

Fire Door Maintenance

FCS installed NFC tags where required on their fire doors which provides a crucial asset management function, reduces cost and makes future inspections more efficient. The platform provides compliance sign off to verify fire door installers, ensuring that they installation and remediation of fire doors are done in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.

Digital project reports

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