On the contrary to the modern industries that have tended to introduce automated mechanisms into manufacturing, construction engineering and real estate industry cannot take the same path. Each project has specific control parameters and schedules. Project managers are surrounded by situations in which decisions have to be made and each comes with their branching problems. The elements of the problems are numerous, and the interrelationships among the elements are entangled. Moreover, human factors and mentality represent the main segment of this circuit. Therefore, the ability to make valid decisions is becoming a very puzzling process.

PlanRadar provides assistance for project managers by organizing the construction project into sectors.  It includes comprehensive filter functions that allow you to find your target smoothly. The software deals with every project as an individual case to make the whole construction operation an easier, if not effortless, experience.

What to expect from this article:

  1. The use of project management software in the construction industry – A case study
  2. Project management construction software types and uses.
  3. What does a real estate project management software have to do?
  4. PlanRadar – Specialized construction site project management software
  5. PlanRadar – A description from the users’ point of view


The use of project management software in construction industry – Case study

In 1999 alone, in the UK, the industry spent more than £1 billion on rework and in 2003, more than £1,5 billion on performance measurement applications. Despite high expenditure, only 34 % of construction projects today meet the iron triangle criteria of time, cost and quality.

study on the use of project management apps (which in this article will also be referred by its abbreviation “PMS”) in the construction industry was documented by researchers in the US. These researchers have shown the interest of construction professionals for Project Management Software (PMS). Others have presented cases of application for PMS in the construction industry, but only a few have related to the PMS in construction in the transitional economies, and even fewer to the benefits they bring to construction. However, Real estate development companies still need to enhance collaboration between different teams through more reporting and monitoring apps.

During the review they found Primavera and MS Project to be the most frequent PMS used in the construction industry. In the US, over 64 of construction companies indicated Primavera as their specified software.

Project management construction software types and uses

Study findings

The study has found three types of PMS are present in the SEE (South East European Countries) construction industry. The first type has limited abilities for the PM and is based mainly on scheduling techniques, e.g. MS Project. The second type is a complex project portfolio management system, such as Primavera, which tries to merge all PM processes with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The third is the PMS that strives to integrate PM processes with on-site management and the common practices of the SEE construction industry.

Microsoft Project

The app was designed primarily as an easy-to-use tool. Since its birth, the MS Project has always been a popular tool among the project managers but has never become the number one PM tool. This is even more evident in the construction industry, as it was never entirely aligned with the industry’s special processes and procedures.

Key functions:

  1. Get started quickly: Use the Getting Started screen to quickly learn about new features, while pre-built Project templates make sure you’re on the right track right from the get-go
  2. Schedule efficiently: Familiar automated scheduling tools help reduce inefficiencies and training time. You can also create multiple timelines, which make it easier to visualize complex schedules.
  3. Optimize tasks: Visualization tools help you understand how tasks relate to one another. By running what-if scenarios, you can make the most of your task assignments.



Primavera app is suitable for project-oriented and mature companies that one can mainly find in developed countries. However, Primavera can rarely be found in the transitional economies. Furthermore, while Primavera was once mostly used to handle large and complex projects, today it is also used for many projects valued at under $100.000

Key functions:

  1. Balance resource capacity
  2. Plan, schedule, and control complex projects
  3. Allocate the best resources and track progress
  4. Monitor and visualize project performance versus plan
  5. Conduct what-if analysis and analyze alternative project plans

Other software as Gala

Other software and project management apps uses a large database of normative work, material, equipment, and it provides an analysis of the cost. While the SEE civil engineering, standards aid managers in producing the estimates, Gala is aligned with the SEE business conduct and it supports on-site management and procedures prescribed by local regulations. Through the double loop learning, GALA also supports quality assurance in PM. However, its application in a multi-project environment is of a limited use.

Key functions:

  1. Organizer: Projects, Microsoft Outlook e-mail, Diary, Tasks, Calendar, Notes, Documents
  2. Bill of quantities: Fast, precise and clear – the creation of Bill of quantities.
  3. Planning: WBS, organizing activities, Gant (PDM method), S curve, Histograms
  4. Realization: Work orders, Daily progress record, the control of planned and resources spent
  5. Warehouse: Warehouse receipt, Bill of lading, Transfer note, Orders, Storage state, control spent materials
  6. Finance: Payment certificate, Book of quantities, Invoices, Financial prints.



PlanRadar -More than a traditional construction software

Since efficient quality assurance is an indispensable part of any building or real estate project, PlanRadar becomes an essential construction project management tool for your company. It ensures that all project participants immediately receive all relevant information and share the same updated status. PlanRadar provides support to save time, resources, nerves and lead to an average of a 40% decrease in costs. To date, quality assurance was often difficult with plan inconsistencies and information gaps prevailing between internal and external project teams.

Inefficient data recording and defect management, using digital cameras, voice recorders and analog notes on plans often resulted in a confusing flood of information. This information was communicated and documented via different channels resulting in various versions of documents.  In the worst case, it leads to the loss of information. With PlanRadar, these scenarios are finally a thing of the past.

Key functions:

  1. Simple recording: Documentation will be done directly on site using your smartphone or tablet. In a single step, you can record image, text, date, voice memos and positions in the digital plan – even if your device is offline.
  2. Direct communication: All defect orders are forwarded directly to the responsible contracting parties, along with completion deadline and priority at the push of a button. All communication among the team is centralized within the PlanRadar system or via e-mail. Keep your team connected at any time!
  3. Complete documentation You always need to keep track of your projects, defects and the progress of remedies. The automatic logging system enables you to consistently control all processes at any time. You can also receive a complete report via the web application at the push of a button.
  4. Filters: comprehensive filter functions you can selectively view data which is relevant to you and also save your preferred filter settings.
  5. Statistics: Always view your latest completion level of all defects and orders at a glance via visual results of the stats.
  6. Export and archiving: Export all data (Excel and PDF reports, images, voice memos) at any time to your local storage.
  7. Users: Invite users to your projects. Depending on their access right and role assignments, a project can manage the platform, or document and manage defects.
  8. Notification: The client and the contractor are immediately notified within PlanRadar as well as via e-mail about changes and new information.
  9. Upload Plans: Upload PDF and image plans. Updates of plans are possible too!
  10. For all devices: You no longer have to only work with your laptop to keep track of your work. You now have every benefit you need in your pocket. As a cloud-based web platform PlanRadar is available for Smartphones and Tablets (Apple/Android/Windows).
  11. Unlimited storage: Save an unlimited number of projects, plans, images, and voice memos.
  12. Software features: Software updates for mobile apps and for the Web application are free of charge
  13. Free for the recipient of orders: Free licenses for all recipients. They can confirm tasks via text, image, and status.
  14. Flexible licensing: Flexible upgrade and downgrade of your subscription plan.
  15. Efficient support: PlanRadar support teamwill answer your questions.

Building documentation and defect management have never been so easy for your company!

What does a real estate project management software have to do?

Ideally, a real estate PM software must manage, cover and accompany the lifecycle of a building object, from planning and construction of the foundation to inspection, maintenance, and ongoing development operation. In recent years, it has been repeatedly shown that ambitious Start-Ups are trying to fill several fundamental gaps in the construction industry. Scheduling, communication, management, data transfer etc. are enriched by software applications to save time, work and money.

The clientele addressed by these Start-Ups includes a wide variety of professionals involved in the construction process. No wonder, as they all work hand in hand and are all dependent on each other’s services. Architects, planners, facility managers, project managers, surveyors, building owners, site supervision, contractors, craftsmen… The number of project participants, as you can see from this short, incomplete list, is long. Accordingly, the tendency of software developers is not surprising. They offer a tailor-made solution for each participant involved in the project.

However, to be able to deliver the quality owed, none of the participants can execute their work without the assistance of the other parties involved. With PlanRadar, a Real Estate Project Management Software is now available on the market, which offers a user interface that is easy to use. It aids all project participants and brings them together in a professional discourse. Easy to use, an added value for everyone, regardless of affinity and experience with software products! You can try PlanRadar now 30 days free of charge to learn more about the benefits for your business with our application.

PlanRadar project management software- integrated on the construction site

A construction project involves the coordination and handling of various trades with the help of detailed planning and good management. Interfaces that pay insufficient attention to detail must be avoided and minimized. Because they will only lead to higher costs, time losses and endanger construction phases.

The PlanRadar software as a web and mobile application has recognized that assigning guilt, or playing the blame game as they call it, in a highly networked industry, such as construction, is dangerous in many ways. Instead, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by bringing all those involved closers together, instead of focusing on the needs of a single clientele. Strategic teamwork always beats an isolated maverick. Actually,  PlanRadar as a real estate project, management app gathers all your teams as one whole team through collaboration and advanced daily reporting.

We, therefore, provide a planning, documentation and defect management tool that considers the needs of a construction project to be integrated and interdisciplinary, and meets the requirements of its functionality.

PlanRadar from the users’ point of view


You will never again have to endure any ambiguities regarding the timelines and preparation of your building plans. Any changes to be made during a meeting are now recorded directly and digitally in the plan. None of your notes will be forgotten or lost.


Your static calculations make changes necessary in the design planning? An unambiguous entry in the blueprint shall be immediately assigned to the contractor and can be traced in its execution. This helps you avoid unnecessary efforts with project members in the process.

Facility Manager:

In the event of a technical failure, it is often no longer just a matter of a lot of money, but a serious breach of duty within the framework of the statutory responsibility. The term -organizational fault – refers to the violation of the organizational duty. Communication with all project participants via PlanRadar is fast, intuitive and simple. Everyone who owns a smartphone and works on the project will be informed about his tasks and can document and check them in the protocol after their completion.

Project Manager:

We know that your tasks are becoming more frequent and that there is not enough time to do the personal meetings. Therefore, PlanRadar establishes a project-related contact between the parties involved, which works independently of your actual deadlines. Nevertheless, the more projects that can be managed and included in your own portfolio, the better for your own balance sheets. In addition to the standard software -MS Project-, our software can support you in this.


Since PlanRadar has increasingly been used by many planners for building documentation and defect management, recording all defect-related processes on the building site chronologically and storing them in a cloud, it is ideally suited for further use and as a supplement for experts. As a consultant, you can switch to PlanRadar and save yourself the trouble of working with a camera, clipboard, pen and dictation machine. You also ensure yourself against incorrect and incomplete expertise and ensure communicating any recent development you need to share with them.


Are you as an owner up to date and do you know what’s going on at your construction site? Register yourself as an observer to the PlanRadar App and keep track of all the events on your construction site.

Construction supervision:

The main focus of the PlanRadar software is on reliable construction documentation and defect management. It supplements your building diary and lets you keep track of deadlines and appointments quickly and easily. With PlanRadar, you are in personal and direct contact with each contractor.


Your work on the object forms the basis of timely progress. It is accordingly difficult to have your eyes everywhere at the same time. Protect yourself against complaints and the possible consequences. Our software makes it clear where and when you and your craftsmen need to make improvements on a certain task.

Our customers agree with us!

PlanRadar already has more than a thousand long-term customers worldwide and was named the best PropTech (Property Technology) in New York in 2017. Since we source our customers from a wide range of sectors in the construction industry, we would be pleased to present our product to you personally.

Make an appointment for a demo presentation now and convince yourself of the added value of a cost- and time-saving application that will accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle of your construction project. You´ll need our features to make your company and business skyrocket. Manage your team more efficiently with PlanRadar!