Unique solutions for your project

With PlanRadar you can easily share project information by creating tickets on digital blueprints. Adding a new ticket takes just a click or the tap of a finger.

Every project is different, and that’s why you can adapt PlanRadar to your projects’ unique needs. Through creating and adding forms, you can define what kind of information you and your team members can collect and share.

Note: This guide is for the PlanRadar web version

1.Create a new form

Given enough time, every project accrues a lot of data. To make sure you have a good overview, it’s vital to collect and organise information in the right way. Whether it’s for planning, building, maintenance, or documentation – with forms you will only collect the information you need.

To create a new form, go the menu item “Forms and lists” in the left navigation bar and click “Create a new form”.

Create a new form

2.Add wanted fields and information

Do you want to make sure your subcontractors meet their deadlines? Add a due date to your form. Do you need to know how far works have progressed? Simply add the appropriate field. You can choose from predefined fields or create your own to adapt forms to your exact needs.

PlanRadar also allows you to fully customize fields and add them to your form. You can then determine their visibility to other project members. After you are done, make sure to save your new form under a fitting name.

Add wanted fields and information

3.Add the form to your project

With PlanRadar, you can add multiple forms to your project to facilitate collaboration with different trades and contractors.

To add a form, go to the menu item “Projects” in the left navigation bar, choose your project and click on the tab “Forms”. Select your form by clicking the + Assign Form button to add it to your project.

Add the form to your project