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Manage daily tasks and inspections

Manage daily tasks and inspections

Conquer your to-do list and delegate tasks to your team and vendors, monitoring all activity in one place.

Track predictive and corrective maintenance

Track predictive and corrective maintenance

Stay ahead of the curve with scheduled reminders for regular maintenance and react quickly to urgent repairs.

Get information on-the-go

Get information on-the-go

Whether it’s a blueprint, warranty document, installation guide, or information about inventory, keep it securely stored and accessible from anywhere.

PlanRadar reduces the administrative time I spend on maintenance management by four to six hours per week. For individual restaurant managers, I would put the saving at three to five hours per week.

Standardise inspections & checklists

Standardise inspections & checklists

Conduct fire safety audits, OSHA compliance checks, or any other kind of inspection using digital checklists and reports. Save results securely for future reference and share them with stakeholders in a matter of seconds.

Free access for external vendors

Free access for external vendors

Whether you need something repaired or you’re overseeing a large renovation project, delegate tasks to external vendors within the platform. An unlimited number of external users can access PlanRadar using free subcontractor accounts.

Maintenance scheduling

Maintenance scheduling

Manage maintenance by scheduling tasks in a Gantt chart. Understand in one view which activities overlap to assist with resourcing and equipment planning and ensure properties are operating at their maximum potential.

Total control of operating costs

Total control of operating costs

With easy-to-view project dashboards & user activity logs, ensure your facility has minimal downtime and optimises resources. Use project insights to stay on top of preventative maintenance by acting early if there’s a problem, avoiding expensive repair jobs.

Demonstrate facility success

Demonstrate facility success

Showcase completed work to asset managers, property managers, and facility owners with attractive, customisable reports that can be created in seconds.

BIM for facility management

BIM for facility management

Use BIM models and digital twins in your work the same way you’d use 2D plans, taking advantage of the extra accuracy and high-quality data provided.

How PlanRadar’s facility management app benefits you:

Centralised facility management.

Centralised facility management. One source of information and a single hub for communication prevents confusion.

Operate remotely.

Operate remotely. Portable, easy-to-use, and accessible on all devices from any location.

Streamline preventative maintenance.

Streamline preventative maintenance. Recurring reminders for regular checks and audits prevent facility shutdowns.

Save time documenting inspections on-the-go.

Save time documenting inspections on-the-go. Capture inspection & OSHA review results along with photo and video evidence.

Solutions for facility managers

Inspections & Checklists

Inspections & Checklists

Create pre-defined checklists and inspection templates, for quick data collection while at your facility. Export reports in just a few clicks, transforming data collected into a usable document that can be shared with owners or portfolio managers.

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Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance & Repairs

Manage both preventative and corrective maintenance. Pin repairs on floorplans, schedule recurring items, assign tasks to contractors and monitor progress to ensure that facility maintenance stays on track.

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Photo Documentation

Photo Documentation

Avoid confusion and save time explaining details by communicating visually with photos and videos attached to tasks. Mark up photos with text and annotations for seamless collaboration.

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How can I choose the best facility management software?

The best facility management software meets all of your team’s needs, is simple for everyone to use, and offers a strong return on investment. Your needs will probably vary depending on the facilities you manage. For example, if you manage a retail facility, you’ll probably need to constantly monitor that everything is in working order and that both security and cleaning staff are doing their tasks correctly. On the other hand, if you manage residential units, then you might not need to be constantly vigilant. Instead, your team might need a good way to communicate with tenants. Managers of logistics facilities, meanwhile, probably need a software solution that supports the technical maintenance of machines. When you’re on the hunt for facilities management software, make sure to use free trial periods and attend product demonstrations. That way you can see if it’s the best facility software for you. Read our advice on selecting the best CAFM software here.

Not all facility management software is able to handle asset tagging, but PlanRadar is capable of supporting this key task. Whether you’re using a BIM model or whether you have NFC tags attached to key pieces of equipment, PlanRadar makes it easy for you to locate items for maintenance. It’s also easy to call up user manuals, warranty documents or logs of previous inspections. Read more about asset tagging software here.

Yes, all new users can try PlanRadar free for 30 days. During your trial, you can see how the software would work for your business. Our expert team is also happy to provide free demonstrations and consultations that are tailored to your specific needs. We love to answer your questions!

While a facility’s owner might be legally responsible for complying with fire safety regulations, the reality is that facility managers are responsible for enforcing fire safety on a day to day basis. With thousands of fire-related fatalities and hundreds of thousands of injuries occurring globally every year, fire risk assessments need to be taken seriously. CAFM software can help you by automating reminders so that you never miss a fire inspection, forget to replace fire extinguishers or service fire doors. Facility management software can also provide custom checklists so that your data is always collected in the same format. You can read more about conducting fire safety inspections with PlanRadar here .

Yes. Facility managers working for small businesses often have limited resources but the same list of tasks to complete in a day. Sometimes they might be working solo, without the support of a team. Facility management software can help these facility managers to identify how they can best spend their resources. CAFM software can also be useful when they’re working remotely by enabling them to monitor their team or any external vendors. It can also save them hours of time on paperwork. Small facility management businesses can achieve their full potential by working smarter, not harder, and facility management software is a key part of their success. Facility management software can even support FM businesses facing a shortage of qualified staff – read more here.

In a way, facility management software is key to identifying potential areas of a building that could be optimised for low emissions. Residential and commercial properties currently consume around 40% of global energy, with 85% of the emissions coming during a property’s operational stage. One of the easiest ways to reduce emissions is to make sure your equipment is well-maintained and up-to-date, and a platform like PlanRadar is ideal for scheduling, managing and monitoring recurring maintenance. Find out more about facility management software and sustainability.

Yes, PlanRadar has 18 offices across the globe and works with sales partners around the world. We currently support more than 120,000 users in 65+ countries around the world. Our team speaks over 20 languages, so get in touch today for a personal consultation.

Key Terms – Facility Managers

Accessibility Compliance

Ensuring that a facility is designed and maintained to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities, in accordance with relevant regulations.

The process of monitoring and maintaining a facility’s physical assets, such as equipment, systems, and infrastructure, to extend their lifespan and maximize value.

Planning and procedures established to respond effectively to unexpected events, such as natural disasters or safety threats.

Strategies and practices aimed at optimizing energy usage within a facility to reduce costs and environmental impact.

A comprehensive evaluation of a facility’s condition, systems, and assets to identify maintenance needs and improvements.

A systematic review of a facility’s operations, processes, and procedures to ensure compliance with regulations, standards, and best practices.

The use of technology, sensors, and control systems to automate and optimize facility processes and operations.

The discipline that encompasses the planning, coordination, and supervision of a facility’s physical assets, resources, and services to optimize its functionality and performance.

A professional responsible for overseeing and managing the operations, maintenance, and services of a physical facility, such as a building or complex.

Verification that a facility meets certain sustainable and environmental standards, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Quantifiable metrics used to measure and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of facility management processes.

A financial analysis that considers the total cost of owning and operating a facility over its entire lifespan, including acquisition, maintenance, and disposal.

The strategic planning and execution of routine maintenance tasks, repairs, and improvements to ensure the proper functioning of a facility.

The strategic allocation and arrangement of workspace for employees and functions within a facility.

Scheduled routine maintenance tasks aimed at preventing equipment breakdowns and extending the operational life of assets.

The organization and optimization of physical space within a facility to enhance efficiency, workflow, and utilization.

The integration of environmentally friendly practices and energy-efficient technologies into facility management processes.

Services and amenities provided to occupants of a facility, such as security, maintenance, and support.

The coordination and oversight of external service providers and suppliers involved in facility operations and maintenance.

Strategies and practices for effective disposal, recycling, and reduction of waste generated within a facility.

A formal request or directive for maintenance, repairs, or services to be performed within a facility.

Programs and protocols implemented to maintain a safe and healthy environment for employees and occupants.

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