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Gain BIM benefits in the build and beyond

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PlanRadar’s BIM model viewer allows construction and real estate teams to gain BIM benefits on-the-go with smart, simple navigation.
Accessible to all with openBIM.
Upload IFC files from Revit, ArchiCAD, AllPlan...

Drag, drop & go

Complete BIM building models are accessible in seconds with simple drag and drop functionality.   PlanRadar’s openBIM solution allows uploads of IFC files exported from Revit, ArchiCAD, AllPlan, Navisworks and more.

No constraints, no restrictions – create connections with all design teams.

Visualise from all angles

Fly through the BIM model and visualise the finished asset with ease.

Take advantage of data-rich model properties, including dimensions and materials on the plan, before arriving on site.   Create and review tickets in multiple dimensions. Tickets connected to model geometry improve accuracy and locating speed onsite.

Connect the whole team

Create tickets the way your construction teams already love.

Use blueprints or models, even when offline. Extracts from PlanRadar can be exported back into CAD software, ready for the next project.

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Quick overview of your benefits

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Data-rich BIM models on-the-go

Smart, simple navigation

openBIM for complete accessibility

Who can benefit


Deliver the benefits of your BIM model into the build and help construction teams visualise your design. Extracts from PlanRadar help you prepare for the next build.


Visualise the asset with ease. BIM improves accuracy and locating speed of work onsite. Data-rich models create faster error resolution time.


Utilise the power of your BIM data to make informed decisions on the progress of your buildings, facilities and assets. Explore with greater quality.