Digitization continues to pick up speed. It can be assumed that the introduction of CAD, BIM, etc. has given a decisive boost in this direction. But have you automatically lost to the big companies that have their own IT departments? Luckily that is not the case anymore! Find out here how PlanRadar can lift your company’s performance to a higher level through interdisciplinarity!

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Regardless of the progress in digitalization, a collaboration between individuals and teams will still be of great importance in the future. That is why the best software solution must include all the tools and resources needed to plan the building as well as manage a team and the required information. This interdisciplinary approach requires a cooperative and traceable exchange of information with legally secure data storage. In the following article, we will show you why the introduction of PlanRadar created a level playing field within the construction sector and why it should be your companies next investment to not only keep up, but stay ahead of your competition.

PlanRadar’s genius approach to interdisciplinarity

To ensure better teamwork, appropriate information tracking systems and communication channels must be available. In construction projects, a lot of information accumulates as a project goes on. Calculations, offers, models and construction plans but also task lists, meeting logs, contracts and change requests in the form of e-mails or PDF files. To come up with a perfect solution, the following points had to be examined first:

  1. These large amounts of data must be available to all responsible persons but must not fall into the wrong hands.
  2. The data must be kept for many years but must not cost expensive storage space.
  3. In addition to the transparency of information, local factors in project coordination are crucial for your business. If different trades and often different companies work together, projects no longer work on demand. Therefore, processes for many people must be simultaneously viewable and editable.


When the list of requirements for project management in construction projects has been completed, it becomes clear that digital processing through a documentation-, task- and defect management system within a Software for Construction will become inevitable for your business.

In a report entitled Imagining construction’s digital future, McKinsey & Company identified five trends that will shape construction and capital projects, with digital collaboration and mobility being one of such trends.

Pie chart about five trends that will shape construction projects

The report attributes the construction industry’s history of poor productivity to the reliance by many of its members on paper to manage the construction processes. The “lack of digitization” results in delays in sharing information, with project stakeholders often working from different versions of data. Messy paper trails may also cause disagreements between the parties on issues such as construction variations and extension of time claims. That´s a point that affects not just the construction project itself but also a consistent cost management.

The PlanRadar Software provides the ideal support to owners, project leaders, and all team members. Such a program promotes communication as well as the documentation of processes, information, and helps to coordinate logical tasks to process them at the appropriate time.

However, digital transformation also raises the question of where this amount of data should be stored. Small business owners and freelancers can now also benefit from the advantages of collaborative management tools without having to spend a lot of money. The solution can be found in the cloud. A cloud based mobile app for the construction project management field is our answer to all your questions and the best way to enhance productivity.


The advantages of cloud-based solutions

Nowadays task- and document management must be available wherever it is needed. This can be in the office, during a meeting or at the construction site. This led to more and more software solutions utilizing the benefits of the cloud in combination with mobile end devices. Cloud software does not need to be installed on the client machine. Therefore, significantly less IT know-how is needed than with other software. In addition, no investment in further purchases or maintenance of hardware, operating systems, and other components is required. Thanks to the cloud software, you relieve your in-house IT department of extra work.

Be it a large corporation, small business or a freelance team, PlanRadar Software for Construction has several benefits. On the one hand, travel expenses can be minimized, on the other hand productivity can be increased. Projects can be completed faster and other processes benefit from accelerated processing. In general terms, collaboration tools can improve the planning, organization, control, and documentation of team collaboration.

The term cloud-based solution is, of course quite vague. It can easily be associated with quite several different tools and terms. From “online construction management software” to “contractor project management software” and “construction document management system”. Filesharing or Intranet also fall under the umbrella of the cloud.

In order to work on the move all you need is an internet connection. All project data is instantly available through the cloud server. Many companies still have programs as standalone solutions whose data transfer functions via care-intensive system integrations or interfaces. So, before you decide on a documentation-, task- and defect management software, you should also check whether it is compatible with your currently used programs such as Microsoft Outlook. PlanRadar and its features adapt to your existing IT landscape. Try your own 30-day free trial now! A further benefit to its users is the extensive knowledge base. As well as all your documents, the huge knowledge base is stored in the cloud and therefore accessible to you from anywhere.

Collaborate in real-time

Teams today work together using many different tools and across multiple locations. They rely on different types of content and need to stay informed in more detail than ever before. However, the tools many use often create isolated workspaces. The lack of collaboration reduces speed and agility – and sometimes it’s just not possible to be up-to-date with the contractors you work with. Everyone needs access to the relevant information to be efficient. Nothing paralyzes a team more than waiting for a team member to put the information they need into a formal document first, because of rigid corporate policies. Let alone the team leader who may have to read hundreds of emails and meeting notes first to coordinate and communicate further procedures.

Luckily, these days are long gone, thanks to PlanRadar. As the best cloud-based documentation-, task- and defect management platform it provides a collaborative environment. No isolated work and no more crowded e-mail boxes – which can also get lost when an employee leaves the company. PlanRadar combines two important advantages: first, the ability to create and assign tickets regardless of time and location, and the ability to manage them utilizing fair and efficient workflows. All changes are automatically synchronized to ensure that all contractors have the latest versions of all collaborative elements, which can be critical to keeping projects on schedule.

Lack of collaboration is a big problem in many construction projects even today. The inability to connect in real-time with the numerous members of your team hurts your project both in terms of cost and time. Limited access to valuable project information naturally leads to broken communication and serious coordination problems which can force your building schedule to fall behind.

Furthermore, task updates and crucial project details aren’t delivered on time, since coordinating through emails and phone calls simply takes too long to manage important decisions on time. Efficiency rates and budget overruns are only a few of the statistics that document the serious problem that the construction industry battles against. Digital Tools can help the building sector with becoming more effective in general by establishing a faster and more straightforward communication process.

In order to achieve the best possible results from a project, it is often necessary to work with employees from other teams or departments. Forming project groups, which include owners, increases the opportunity to discover new insights and ways to streamline workflows. This way of working promotes collaboration in a variety of ways, like transparency, reduction of information barriers, and build trust between project participants and contractors.

To increase your team’s sense of belonging to a project PlanRadar lets you create project specific ticket- and report-templates! Try it out now using your own 30-day free trial! Our mobile cloud based construction project management software will help you through your general and specific tasks in the field of building industry!

Increase collaboration to achieve project goals

A decisive factor for success is selecting the best construction management software. We are sure this article will help you to learn more about the topic and make the right decisions in the future.

The question if you need PlanRadar is obsolete. For smaller construction companies without an in-house IT-department, it creates a level playing field to the bigger companies. And for big construction companies, it is a chance of becoming more streamlined, efficient and mobile.

The second question can be clarified quickly – construction projects are becoming increasingly complex in terms of the amount of data and the people, teams, and trades that work together on a building. Do you want to be part of this kind of planning and join projects with several teams or does your team already have more than 2 people? Based on the knowledge and experience of more than 1000 costumers PlanRadar developed a mobile software tool for your construction firm to manage cost, time and contractors appropriately! Contact us now at [email protected] to help you save a lot of time and money.