PlanRadar makes documenting your work easy, whether your business is involved in the planning, building, operation or maintenance of construction and real estate projects.

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PlanRadar’s Use Cases

PlanRadar’s use cases are as flexible and diverse as our users.

Whatever your industry, PlanRadar is a simple way to collect data, manage tasks, document events and generate reports. There’s no need to replace your existing workflow. PlanRadar is designed to digitise day-to-day tasks in the construction and real estate industry in a simple and intuitive way.


Digitise the snagging process, submit construction defect data in moments and track the status of your project in real time.

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Task Management

Create and assign tasks, adding deadlines and monitoring progress. Make sure all activities are quick, transparent, and always traceable.

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Using simple handover protocols, collect all data digitally and add notes or snags during the final inspection with your mobile device. Compile final reports in moments.

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Building Inspection

Carry out inspections using a mobile device and your own custom checklists, saving you hours compiling results and helping you spot patterns over time.

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Site diary

Digitise your site diary. Create a custom form that matches your company’s style and set daily reminders to complete it.

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Create custom checklists with just a few clicks and complete them on-the-go using a mobile device before exporting the results into a report.

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Plan Management

Ensure everyone on site is working from the latest plans. Replace old versions without losing any data and store past versions for reference.

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Due Diligence

Simplify your due diligence process. Record all structural and technical data in PlanRadar and then compile everything quickly when you need to.

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Evidence Collection

Document the status of a project over time and save that evidence – including photos and voice recordings – for later. You never know when you’ll need it.

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Maintenance & Repairs

Plan and implement ongoing maintenance or one-off repairs. With a digital plan and a mobile device, you can stay on top of everything while on-the-go.

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Product features

PlanRadar’s features allow you to streamline and digitise your workflow throughout the life cycle of a building.

With pre-built elements and plenty of customisable options, you can implement our software in the way that’s best for your business.

Photo Documentation

Upload, tag and pin photographs on digital construction plans using a mobile device and share them in real time with other project participants.

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Report Templates

With the report template builder, you can create reports to regulatory standards and replicate your company reporting style with ease.

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The BIM model viewer allows construction and real estate teams to gain BIM benefits on-the-go with smart, simple navigation.

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Plan Comparison

Compare plans and highlight changes in colour. Ensure your team is working from the same blueprints and help your site to transition away from paper plans.

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Plan Annotations

Add annotations directly to digital construction plans, wherever you are, and communicate with project participants in real time.

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Project Reports

Create Daily Reports, Inspections, Checklists and more in your preferred format. Upload existing PDF report templates for account holders & subcontractors to use while capturing data onsite.

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