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Digital project reports

Keep all the data captured onsite in one place

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With PlanRadar, it’s never been easier to complete required reports, checklists and daily logs, all while at the project site

1. Upload and Go

Simply upload PDF report templates you already use each day into PlanRadar

2. Capture data

Account holders and subcontracts capture report data from their tablet or mobile device

3. Save, Search & Export

Submitted information is securely saved, searchable and easy to export into customised reports

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Daily Site Reports

Record work conditions, weather, daily activities and more

Inspections & Checklists

Conduct safety checklists, job hazard reports and scheduled inspections

Meeting Minutes

Keep track of key discussion points, meeting attendees and next steps


Employees and subcontractors can record and submit their timesheets


Upload PDF templates for team members and subcontractors to collect data in seconds

No more paper filing and day-end data entry

Reports are stored so you’ll never lose track of important information