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Plan management with PlanRadar

Easy plan management on your mobile device

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When construction plans change, it’s easy for some team members to miss out on new information.

With PlanRadar’s digital plan management, you can upload and structure plans for easy access on site. Thanks to automatic updates, you’ll avoid confusion and wasted time by ensuring all team members have the plans they need to get to work.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Store plans securely

Easily upload one or more plans with different file types by dragging and dropping them into the web version of PlanRadar. Arrange your plans into a tree structure so they are well-organised and it’s easy to see which plans apply to which areas or elements of your site.

Store all plan versions for reference at any time. In the event of a new plan version, all data located on the plans, including images, text messages and voice memos, will be automatically moved onto the new version.

Share information

Add new plan versions to your project at any time and team members will be able to access them immediately via the cloud-based system. The software automatically notifies all project participants of the change regardless of their location.

Compare old and new plan versions using your mobile device. Create tasks for team members or subcontractors by adding pins directly to a plan and they’ll get a real-time notification that will tell them where their next job is, along with an exact location. Include a snippet of the plan to add more detailed annotations.

Evaluate & report

By creating a custom structure for your plans, you can assign plans to different layers of your project. Look up statistics and create custom PDF reports based on a group of layers or by single layer, if you only need information from a certain part of your building.

PlanRadar’s chronological records of plan versions can be helpful for disputes or claims, so you can see which blueprints were available throughout the project.

With PlanRadar, you can have all versions of your project’s plans to hand at any time.

Thanks to efficient plan management, you will never lose sight of what’s happening, even on the most complex construction projects.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

The benefits at a glance:

Organise your plans in a custom structure for ease-of-use

Zero information gaps when new plan versions are issued

Keep an automatic record of all plan versions in case of errors or claims