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Digital Construction Site Diary

Efficiently capture daily site events

Some of our successful customers

Keeping track of conditions and events on-site can be time-consuming. If team members are using different standards and forms, it’s easy to overlook things or make mistakes.

With PlanRadar, streamline how your site diary information is collected, then easily export information into custom built reports.
Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Collect the right information

With PlanRadar you decide what information you track and how it is collected. Use a pre-built site diary template, or upload your existing PDF template to digitise your paper trails.

Once you have created your site diary structure, all team members collect information consistently. Plus, it’s easy to fill in required sections while moving around the site with a tablet or mobile device.

Save time, go paperless

Skip the hassle of filing and finding paper reports. Everything is collected and stored in PlanRadar, right at your fingertips for when you need it.

Simple & fast reporting

There’s no need to spend extra time at your desk at the end of each day. You can generate site reports from the mobile app and send them directly to everyone who needs to be involved – saving you time and paperwork.

PlanRadar makes it easier for you to create and complete your site diary.

With accurate data and the opportunity to compile it into reports, you can take immediate action to fix any problems. You’ll also create a complete record of everything happening onsite, so you’ll have evidence if any claims arise, even after the project is completed.
Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Benefits at a glance:

Simply record all site activity while on the go using the mobile app

Simple templates help all team members log the correct information

Store a complete record of site diaries safely in case of claims