PlanRadar is a construction tracking software for defect management and construction documentation. It was created to support a collaborative environment between all project participants on the job site while sharing the project’s and task’s status with everyone who is connected to the cloud-based application.

While PlanRadar’s software is automatically transforming all project details into daily logs and construction documentation it also allows you to manage your projects remotely and directly from the office or via the mobile app! Our customers say that managing and tracking projects from the office with our construction management software features and tools will approximately save you 60 minutes a day.

PlanRadar construction tracking software

Try our demo version if you are a construction owner, contractor, architect, engineer, or construction manager. PlanRadar’s software will massively boost your efficiency on the field. In fact, PlanRadar is changing the way businesses in the construction industry are handling their project and time management all over the world! Free your mind and get rid of unnecessary project work. Our features are the best support in scheduling construction projects.

How to track and control projects remotely

It’s an everyday problem: you have to manage multiple projects on different construction sites simultaneously in the best way, always keep an overview of your project status’ without losing any information while also communicating with your clients, colleagues and (sub)contractors. Instead of wasting precious time driving around and ending up with various sheets, plans, photos, e-mails, notes, and more learn how to use PlanRadar to do all these things from your office! Scheduling your project needs time. Use PlanRadar to do all these things from your office! Scheduling your construction project needs time. Based on the opinions of our business partners our software features will help you to manage your construction project by giving you the best support possible for your field of work. Test our cloud-based construction tracking software demo version 30 days for free.


  1. Project management


Create all your existing projects in the PlanRadar web application by filling in the project details and uploading building plans to locate defects and tasks directly in it. It doesn’t cost you more than this. You can even add large building plans with as many layers as you want without quality loss.

You can use all our features and tools from your mobile device to run your construction management business. Our cloud-based system provides you with all project relevant information as soon as an internet connection is established. Now invite colleagues and (sub)contractors to your projects to enable direct communication with them. This can be the owner in order to share real-time project status or the electrician for distributing tasks. You can even influence information distribution between all participants by giving different authorizations to different contractors.

Yes, that was the setup – now you are ready to start using the cloud-based PlanRadar software app and all its tools on the construction site! Scheduling work has never been that easy. Keep in mind that you will need an account before executing the previous steps. Contact us and we´ll explain you everything in a webinar related to our trial version or learn more about our features online. After logging into the PlanRadar software it will automatically synchronize with the changes you made in the web application in real time. All invited users will now see the project to which you have added them. Want to convince your contractors to do their job with PlanRadar construction tracking software? Do not hesitate to give them our contact details for a cost-free demo version to make the most of their business, save time and cost.

This is where your remote tracking begins!

Every user can now record construction defects or update a specific task’s (ticket) progress on your job-site which will be synchronized in the web app in real time and vice versa. You’ll see every single project detail added to a ticket such as text, photos, voice recordings, and the ticket’s plan location on your computer and mobile device.

This way you will never miss any open task or information again and learn how to stay in contact with every project member and all construction contractors on the construction field. Tracking your construction progress and project schedules have never been so easy! Additionally, you can also create tickets from the web app and assign them to the responsible parties. Use our mobile application when you want to work right on the construction field and track processes on site. Start to optimize your business with the support of our cloud-based software.


  1. Document management

PlanRadar will log all information on project and ticket status chronologically. You don’t have to waste your time scheduling tasks and people on the construction site. Our cloud-based software is doing this automatically for you. Every progress will be reported to you per in-app notification and/or e-mail. Every assigned task will be reported to the assignee through a short message on his mobile device, too.

You can filter information from projects, plans, company, assignees, priority, progress, due dates, ticket type, and category and much more to get sophisticated in-depth views about your construction management progress in the project. You are also free to manage your business and work on the way or right on the construction field based on our mobile tools.

This log is the basis for the best reports which are exportable within just a few clicks. Because every construction project member is participating in creating these reports by giving updates on their tasks, you will get a perfectly clear and evidence proofed documentation without the need for gathering photos and notes on the job-site! Working in a team with PlanRadar will enable you to track every step taken on the construction site in the most detailed way.

Customized filters help you to use PlanRadar according to your project needs and get a real benefit out of the software!


 3. Resource management

We are getting more and more into detail. Besides tracking project and task progress, PlanRadar facilitates the resource management. Statistics, as user-assigned tickets, help you to monitor if your colleagues or subcontractors are under-worked and who has free capacity. Make up your own diagrams to manage workflow and manpower more efficiently.

Contact us to learn more about PlanRadar´s features. We provide our customers with tools for the best support in the construction industry. Take advantage of our 30 days cost-free trial demo version offering, make the first move and get started today! We´re awaiting you with the best real estate construction management software for 2018.
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