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Construction Tracking Software – A Guide to Tracking Your Projects Remotely

05.09.2022 | 8 min read | Written by Thomas Lehner

Physically keeping tabs on construction projects has been the way to stay on top of things, ensure quality jobs, plan better, and meet deadlines. However, with technological advances and the need to reduce cost, remote tracking of projects is the new and improved solution.

Remote construction has further become a necessity for construction managers looking to deal with decreasing profitability, increasing competition/rivals, and the complex nature of large-scale construction projects.

PlanRadar construction tracking software

Today innovations like construction progress monitoring software allow construction professionals to track progress and handle other aspects simultaneously. This article is the guide you need to track and control your projects remotely.

Common Ways To Monitor Construction Site Progress Remotely

To track construction remotely, you must manage finances carefully and apply scheduling methods as you keep tabs on the daily job site headway. Tracking is important because every construction professional will agree that construction sites are complex and fast-paced environments.

There are many moving parts, money, and teams of workers on the line, working to make the project a success. Moreover, it requires great accountability since there is so much at stake.

The Future of Construction Project Management

Download the full research paper here.

Companies today rely on technology to ensure workers remain accountable and that the finished job is up to code/standards. Here are some ways they do this:

  • Drones: Drone footage helps construction professionals capture different site angles in real time via live video footage that can also be recorded.
  • Cameras: Cameras help track and document the work-in-progress with pictures and videos.
  • Software: Software and construction tracker applications like PlanRadar keep track of materials and finances while fostering transparency and accountability in construction projects.

What Is PlanRadar?

PlanRadar is a construction tracking software for defect management and construction documentation. It supports a collaborative environment between all project participants on the job site while sharing the project’s and task’s status with everyone who connects to the cloud-based application.

While PlanRadar’s software automatically transforms all project details into daily logs and construction documentation, it also allows you to manage your projects remotely and directly from the office or via the mobile app!

Whether you are a construction owner, contractor, architect, engineer, or construction manager, the software will massively boost your efficiency in the field.

Our customers say managing and tracking projects from the office with our construction management software features, and tools will save you 60 minutes daily.

PlanRadar is changing how businesses in the construction industry handle their project and time management worldwide! Free your mind and get rid of unnecessary project work. Our features are the best support in scheduling construction projects.

Find out more about what PlanRadar can do for you on our Construction Management Software page

How to Track and Control Projects Remotely

Managing multiple projects on different construction sites simultaneously while communicating with your clients, colleagues and (sub)contractors is daunting.

Instead of wasting precious time driving around and ending up with various sheets, plans, photos, e-mails, notes, and many more, you can use PlanRadar to do all these tasks from the comfort of your office!

The software comes with a 30-day free trial that affords you the luxury of using all our amazing features. Here are the top things you can do with the PlanRadar:

1. Project Management

Create all your existing projects in the PlanRadar web application by filling in the project details and uploading building plans to locate defects and tasks directly. It doesn’t cost you more than this, and you can even add large building plans with as many layers as you want without quality loss.

You can use all our features and tools from your mobile device to run your construction management business. Our cloud-based system provides you with all project-relevant information as soon as you gain access to the internet.

In addition, you can invite colleagues and (sub)contractors to your projects to enable direct communication with them. Project owners can share real-time project status by distributing tasks, and you can even influence information distribution between all participants by giving different authorisations to different contractors.

All invited users can see the project to which you have added them, and they can record construction defects or update a task’s (ticket) progress on the web app’s job site in real-time.

Every project detail is added to a ticket, such as text, photos, voice recordings, and the ticket’s plan location on your computer and mobile device. This way, you will never miss any open task or information again and learn how to stay in contact with every project member and all construction contractors in the construction field.

PlanRadar software further makes it easy to track construction progress and project schedules. You can create tickets from the web app and assign them to the responsible parties. Then use the mobile application to track processes on the site.

The solution also allows for easy scheduling of tasks. To accommodate a wide range of users, the PlanRadar support team offers free webinars for users to learn and master the software with ease.

Want to convince your contractors to do their job with PlanRadar construction progress monitoring software? Do not hesitate to give them our contact details for a cost-free demo version to make the most of their business and save time and cost.

2. Document Management

PlanRadar will log all information on the project and ticket status chronologically. You don’t have to waste time scheduling tasks and people on the construction site; our cloud-based software automatically does this for you. All progress will be reported to you via in-app notification and e-mail.

Every assigned task will also be reported to the assignee through a short message on their mobile device. You can filter information from projects, plans, company, assignees, priority, progress, due dates, ticket type, category, and much more to get sophisticated in-depth views about your construction management progress in the project.

Using the mobile app, you are free to manage your business and work remotely or right in the construction field. Every detail is logged in reports which are exportable with a few clicks.

Because every construction project member is creating these reports by giving updates on their tasks, you will get clear and evidence-proofed documentation without the need for gathering photos and notes on the job site!

Working in a team with PlanRadar will enable you to track every step taken on the construction site in the most detailed way. More so, customised filters help you to use PlanRadar according to your peculiar project needs.

3. Resource Management

Besides tracking project and task progress, PlanRadar facilitates resource management. As user-assigned tickets, statistics help you monitor if your colleagues or subcontractors are under-worked and who has free capacity.

In addition, you can use the software to make up your diagrams to manage workflow and workforce more efficiently. Generally, these perks and others help your team conserve energy, time, and other tangible resources on construction sites.

PlanRadar user data

PlanRadar’s Project Scheduling feature

To help construction professionals and all the relevant stakeholders track construction remotely, PlanRadar has introduced Project Scheduling, a Gantt Chart style feature. A Gantt chart is a kind of bar chart that visually represents the construction project’s timeline.

The chart’s vertical axis lists all assigned tasks waiting to be completed, while the horizontal axis carries time intervals, usually days, weeks, or months. This Gantt chart also displays other relevant information, such as milestones, resources, dependencies, and current task status.

A Gantt chart helps you track construction remotely and effectively limits the occurrence of delays or plans for unavoidable delays in projects due to material shortages, labour disputes, and bad weather. Here are several reasons you need to get PlanRadar’s new Gantt chart:

  • It is appropriate for the construction industry as a construction tracker
  • It is already widely used within the industry. Gantt charts make managing the construction process easier for all the stakeholders involved.
  • Gantt charts help users identify dependencies more easier
  • When used in construction projects, Gantt charts present a single version of what is true and correct.
  • It offers a real-time view of the project’s progress so that all stakeholders can access and contribute when necessary.

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A construction progress monitoring software is the key to seamless tracking and controlling of projects remotely. PlanRadar includes all you need to keep standards high and teams in check wherever you are. You’re just a click away from entering into the future of construction with PlanRadar. Try PlanRadar free for 30 days now.

This post was originally published on 8th April 2018 and was updated on 5th September 2022.

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